Will Football bring back normalcy to people and economy?

Football’s modern history is said to be started in 12th century England with kicking and punching the balls. The sport had very few rules and was seen as violent at that time which was in fact much less violent compared to its previous version in many other cultures. Because of the violent nature, the sport was forbidden for long time but kept on returning back to the street of London. The growth of popularity of the game was mainly because of working class people of Industrial period and it was considered as a game of masses rather than for elite classes. There are so many milestones in the history of football (soccer) which are more intriguing than fictional novels. The second half of the 19th century saw the formation of first football club(1855) in Sheffield (England),first football association in London(1863),first international competition(1871),first international tournament(1883),legalization of professional football(1885) and first football league (1888).

                Fast forwarding to 1992, the Premier league or English Premier League (EPL), which succeeded the first Football league founded in 1888, has become the starting point of the Gold rush of football. The Premier league has grown to be the best, richest and powerful league among the 36 professional leagues in Europe. The Gold rush started by the Premier League in 1992-93, has brought many Russian Oligarchs and American hedge fund sharks to Europe, the holy grail of international football leagues. Not only investors and club owners moved their base to Europe but also the football talents around the globe has embraced the English style. Despite the cultural difference, many of European football clubs are continuously recruiting new talents from South American countries like Brazil, Argentina and other Caribbean countries.

                The Big Six clubs of the Premier League (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham) which are considered the ultra-riches in the world of football, dominates the score table in this year’s format too. The matches has to be entertaining and exciting with the presence of unpredictability and rivalry among the teams. That is what make  35000+ people to go to stadium and 4 billion television viewers to watch the matches.  Besides the Big Six, clubs like Leicester, Wolves, Everton and Sheffield are giving their best to break into the top six ranking in the scoreboard as of now. The Premier league has planned to restart the matches in the hope of completing this 2019-20 season.

         During this turbulent period of Covid-19 pandemic and economic slowdown across Europe causing grieve concern over the future, people expect hope and normalcy. Governments of the world countries are restarting their economic activities by opening industries, factories, shops and other businesses.  European countries like Spain, France and Greece are yet to recover from their slumping economies. England after exiting from European Union, is still trying to get hold of its economy before falling in uncertainty as other European nations. If restarting the premier league in a safer way can bring back such promises of normalcy to millions of people and bring stability to slowing economic activities, then it is worth the risk.

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