Urad Dal Vada/Ulundhu Vada/Medhu Vada – A Recipe!!

We love snacks and what better than Medhu Vada to go with Masala Tea. This recipe tells us how to prepare the same.

Urad Dal1/2 cup
Onion     (Big)       1
Green Chilly1
Asafoetida1 pinch
Ginger1 inch
Pepper Powder1/4 tsp
Coriander leavesAs required
Curry leavesAs required
OilAs required
SaltAs required


  1. Soak the Urad Dal in water for 2 hours.
  2. After 2 hours,Grind the Urad Dal in the Grinder by sprinkling water .
  3. Grind it into fine paste.

Tips: Prefer Sprinkling to pouring the water.


  1. Add Chopped Onion,Green Chilly,Coriander leaves and Curry leaves into the Vada Batter(From Step 1).
  2. Add Grated Ginger,Pepper powder, Asafoetida and Salt.
  3. Mix it Well.


  1. Heat Oil in a pan(High flame).
  2. After the Oil gets heated,Drop the Shaped Vada Batter into the pan.
  3. Turn the stove to medium flame to get perfect Vada.
  4. When the Vada becomes Golden brown ,take it out.

Soft and Crispy Vada is Ready…

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