Thean Mittai – An old sweet that never ceases to surprise!!


1.Idly rice		-	1cup
2.Urad dal		-	1/4cup
3.Sago(javarisi)	-	1tbsp
4.Sugar			-	1 1/4cup
5.Water			-	1cup
6.Baking soda		-	1/4tsp
7.Orange food color	-	3pinch
8.Lemon juice		-	6-7drops
9.Sunflower Oil		-	as required for deep fry


i)Soak idly rice,urad dal and sago for 4 hours.


i)Grid the soaked mixture from step 1 into a fine paste.

Tips:While grinding the mixture,sprinkle water into mixture in order to maintain thick paste.


i)Take sugar and water in a pan .

ii)Heat the mixture till the sugar dissolves with the water and allow it to boil to get thick consistency(not to one string consistency).

iii)After the sugar syrup is prepared,add lemon juice to the syrup in order to avoid the thickening .


i)Heat the sunflower oil in medium flame.

ii)Drop the mixture from step 2 into oil as small balls.

iii)Allow it to fry well.

iv)Take the small balls and drop it into the hot sugar syrup immediately.

v)Let it soak for 5 minutes.

your thean mittai is ready…Wait for some time for it to cool down so that the surface is soft and inside it is juicy!!

Optional Step: Coat the mittai with sugar powder and enjoy it.

Try it out and let us know how it turned out. Follow our blogs for more such recipe!!

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