The Scream of Silence –


Episode 1 :

“Make your last wish…. Hahahah…You bloody!!
Now I’m your god! , say! , what’s your last wish?!  Say now, sayyyyy!!! ” Michael Shouted at vinay who has been brutally beaten and tied in the chair. “Whom You said? ” Vinay asked with all the pain. “Didn’t you hear?. I said… I’m your god”  Said Michael. With all the pain and power “Then you must be killed first!!!!” Vinay shouted in anger and he lifted up with the chair , turned and pushed Michael with legs of the chair towards the wall and kicked Michael with his leg. Michael felt down and took his gun, pointed vinay, and triggered the gun…
**They say that before death, 7 minutes of our memories of life will be played in our mind, but while nearing death, the trigger of gun, triggered vinay’s beautiful and tragic memories. He asked himself whether he deserves this destiny? **


JAN 1 2010, Mumbai.
10:00 AM

“Hi, My name is Vinay Kumar.”  Said Vinay to the interviewer and taken his seat.
**one of the populated engineering student,
who was forced by the situation to work in IT**
“Tell me about yourself?” Interviewer started his question and ended up with “we will call you later and you may leave for the day”.
**Vinay left that room by knowing that no company will call after saying this dialogue. **
While pulling the entrance door, a beautiful girl said  “Thank you”  to vinay for opening the door and went inside interviwer’s room. Not only the door, Vinay was pulled towards the beauty , followed her in back, then she entered the interviewer room. He was waiting outside and watching her. “What are you doing here bro?, Trying to lip read the questions uh? ” The person who was waiting next to go inside asked vinay. “Yes! The lips which I wanna read with mine” Vinay blabbered in high of her beauty. “WTF! What bro 377 uh? ” He kidded. “See her bro! What a beauty!! . Are you able to feel it? ” Vinay asked. “Feel uh? Yes, I’m able to feel the interviewer” He said. “Then this is what? 773 uh? ” Vinay kidded. “Bro, beacuse I’m gonna attend next.” He said. *After few secs*  she came out and also looked tensed. Vinay observed that, went next to her and said “You are Welcome! ”  She was staring and had no idea. “For what? ” She asked. “Actually, I forgot to say welcome when you said thank you near the door” Vinay flirted. “Oh.. ” Her lips wided a bit and teeth exposed.
“Cool!, what did he said?” Vinay asked her. “You may leave for the day, we will call you at late night” Said the one who went inside. “What? late night uh? , have fun with him bro” Vinay kidded.
“After technical things they asked me for flexibility of location shifts and all , I said yes
and they said you will receive a mail shortly” She said. “Fine, then you will get selected dont worry” Vinay convinced her. “Hope so, and wish you the same. What’s your name? ” She asked. “My name is manoj” Said that guy. “Shut up!”  said vinay. “I’m Vinay.. Vinay kumar” Vinay introduced. “My name is…. ” She was about to say. “Ankita right? ” Vinay completed. “How did you know? ” She asked. “He readed your lips” Manoj kidded. She laughed. “Okay Vinay I’m leaving. See you, and …..Thank you ” Ankita sighed and moved. *after few secs*


“Bro do you know why she ended up with thank you? “Vinay asked him. ” Why bro? ” Manoj asked Puzzledly. “Its because she wants me to welcome her in the next meet too” He sighed.
**Vinay left the place with a hope of meeting her again **

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