The Ordeal.

The Ordeal

Episode 2: Surprise!!!

Imagine yourself being forced to walk along an empty and dark road not knowing where it leads to or where it ends with no chances of withdrawal.

Situations get real tough for Raj when he is forced to do things for saving Devi and when he has to put his life on line.

Day 4:

Raj shocks to see Devi having seizure and rushes to get help ( and cannot find his car keys. He runs back to the bedroom to get his mobile and finds Devi standing at a corner, facing the wall and listening to someone on his phone. Raj gently wipes the sweat off his forehead and slowly walks towards her, calling out Devi’s name to check on what is happening. The voice on his mobile gets louder and louder with every step he takes. He observes an unusual grin on Devi’s face and on slowly placing his hand on Devi’s shoulder, she looks at him and hands over the mobile to Raj. Right after Raj takes the mobile into his hand, the noise from the phone fades. Just when he is about to put his phone away, he hears a faint voice on the mobile. He takes the phone to his ear and hears a lady with deep voice saying helloooooo! Again and again. When Raj responds back, this lady on the other end starts asking him questions.

Lady: How are you doing, Raaaaaaj ?

Raj: Who is this?

Lady: Don’t you recognize my voice?

Raj: (Keeps silence)

Lady: Don’t worry, you will remember me soon. Don’t speak of this call with anyone. You will pay if you do. It’s time to spill some blooooooood. (The call gets cut)


Raj: Hello! Hello! Hello!…..

Raj is still wondering who could it be on the call and Devi starts laughing out loud repeating the word ‘soon’ in between and faints. He takes Devi to the hospital and explains the weird behaviour of her to the doctor but is still scared to share about the call with him. Doctor asks Raj to not be worried and ensures that his daughter is in good hands. Raj comes out worried about Devi, sits on a chair in the lobby and dozes off.

Day 5:

Faint whisper ringing in Raj’s ears saying “Sir, wake up.  Sir, sir, sir and Raj wakes up to the nurse, trying to wake him up. Nurse asks him to follow her and takes him to the doctor. Doctor asks Raj to not worry about Devi and she is totally fine now. He also suggests Raj to let Devi rest at home for a few days and to take leave from school till she gets fine. Devi is back home, climbs onto her bed and sleeps. Later, that day Raj gets a package from his hometown late at night around 10:00 pm. The person delivering it to him behaves quite odd and stays surprisingly silent when Raj inquires of the ‘from’ address and leaves.

When he opens the package, he finds a mobile phone and a note saying ‘patience is everything’. He ignores the note and starts unboxing. He finds a broken mobile inside and when he tries to switch it on but fails. Thinking this is a prank from one of his friends, he keeps the mobile and goes to sleep.

In a while, Raj hears Devi screaming so loud in the hall, pointing at the broken mobile. To his surprise, Raj observes the phone ringing and rushes to answer it. Total silence!! Raj worries if he has gone deaf and starts shaking his head and hears and faded voice from the phone whispering something to him and finds Devi staring at him and smiling unusually. Raj breaks into tears listening to the words from the phone.

Day 6:

Raj walks to his neighbour’s door, hands over a package to him and asks him to deliver it to an orphanage. His neighbour is confused to hear this from Raj and before he even asks Raj anything about it, he walk away. Raj with full of tears rolling down his eyes, gets onto a railway track and prepares to get himself hit by a train.

To be continued….

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