Stress – The source of all your woes!!


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Let’s get on with this article, today we’ll address one of the most important and common topics we deal every minute of every day… NO!! I am not talking about fellow human beings… I am talking about STRESS, but I really get why you’d presume people. Hahaha(Laugh)!!!

Let’s first define Stress like we know nothing about it and a common man needs to understand this,

Stress: it is a natural reaction triggered by your physical body to any action that has caused in your surrounding or inside you! I mean to say both physical changes and emotional too.

To react to a change in the environment requires your body to adjust accordingly as well, sometimes this adjustment might involve a physical change, a mentality change & an emotional response. This being a normal affair in our everyday life, to sum it up we undergo stress every moment we are breathing. We are wired by the almighty to undergo stress and then have a reaction to it as well. Although in recent times we are looking at this as a negative aspect, stress can be positive as well. 


Example: a day before an important game for a sports person, he/she has an adrenaline rush almost all the time, to adjust is to not think anything bad and have a positive thought about the game for them and also forming a belief system that will lead them to perform exceptionally well & eventually the stress would vanish. The feeling of relief after a nice performance is relieving for them. Say we have a player in the same situation where they fail terribly, now the stress relief(belief system failed them) has been added to the stress from failure and there is certainly no relief. This is called Distress– a negative form of stress that affects the person in all forms of his/her life.

Writing from a first-person perspective (personal experiences of stress & distress), Preparing for an interview in college final year, I was never worried until that day came, ON the Day I was feeling very uncomfortable, reaching out to my HOD he categorized this stress/nervousness caused due to a fear to do well in the interviews, this in a way pushed me to have one of the best and most successful interviews in my career. Now to specify distress, there are some pretty bad things happen to us during these times, I have had panic attacks, vomiting, emotional outburst, unceasing hunger, bad bowel functions and in some extreme circumstances, although not me, I have seen people faint due to a panic attack caused due to distress.

Distress can also be caused when the person who is trying to relieve himself of stress abuses/overuses the methods of relief such as eating tasty food, having a drink(alcohol) social gathering, smoking a cigarette, having physical connection with their partner, shopping and the most important of all the memes/ posts in social media AKA Internet – the bully. Truth be told, most distress these days in people are to be found because of the stress relief method gone bad(addiction) and to the surprise of people, we do not even realise it until its too bad and we eventually find ourselves trapped with no doors to escape.

In Life, there are few inputs to your system being healthy like nutrition, sleep, laughter, exercise, friends etc..,  when these inputs are off proportion the stress is built up eventually leading to distress if you do not have a relief system in place. The recovery from a stressful mind/body should lead up to you having more energy and more enthusiasm in any activity you perform and not wear you down as it happened earlier.

How can you reduce stress daily? Is it even possible to identify proper relief without being addicted to it ??? what does one need to do to get all this information around here? Read along…

Our Elder People have found a few working ways which have resulted in them managing stress and they have followed it a long time and lead happier, healthier lives. To list a few (these were bits of advice I have received over time from my parents, grandparents and my faculty)

Old Age

Easy and small inclusions to your life, take Deep breaths, count to 10 and backwards, drink green tea, chew ashwagandhas, lavender aroma therapy, reducing coffee intake, reduce tea as well, chew bubble gum for a few moments until the panic or any attack is there. These though short-term lead us into confidence to avoid stress over a long periods time by following the below,

  • First and foremost is a change in mindset, the situation you’re in, no matter how demanding of you, try and maintain a calm attitude which will result in turn calming your nerves and you have a clear thought of how to react at that moment.
  • Another relative point to the above is that you need to acknowledge for a fact that there are actions that you cannot keep under control. Not everything works the way it is supposed to otherwise there would be less chaos in the whole world. Agree?
  • When in an argument or a situation where someone doesn’t agree with your views, you can be assertive instead of hostile. Assert your beliefs, opinions, or views as an alternative to becoming enraged, defensive, indignant and passive.
  • Time is the most essential factor in your war against stress, Hobbies and interests must take up some of your time in your life, what is life without fun?? A Stressed-out Chewbacca 😛
  • To maintain a calm head and be relaxed you could start a program where you practice meditation, do sets/repetitions of Surya namaskara, maybe even yoga.
  • You can start slowly but include exercise as a part of your routine regularly. You get an edge to battling the stress when you’re fit physically. It comes down to only the mental aspect that needs to be worked on. With the addition to your gym routine follow a meal plan hand in hand that suits you, with this you are avoiding overeating and including more veggies, fewer sugars and most importantly to this is to eat on time.
  • Make sure you get to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in the night time during days when there is stress in your personal/work life. On a regular day, getting 7 hours of sleep leads to a better mood and a brighter day ahead for you. Happy day ahead folks …!!!
  • Trying to spend time alone is not recommended during stressed out days but instead, you could spend time understanding yourself though another perspective, spend time with your loved ones, in the case of the family seek out help from them to deal with your difficulties and do not think of this activity as overburdening them.

In Any worse case scenarios, please do not let your stress develop inside you and let it burst out one day like a nuke because that can do significant damage to all aspects of YOUR personal, physical & professional life. Seek out professional help in the case of stress that is leading to a drastic change in your personality and mindset.

These Stress & Distress are causes of some of the most dangerous medical conditions around the galaxy today (I’m sure there are aliens and they do have a different term for stress but even they suffer from stress-related problems), to list a few (from recent data available through researches in google) Heart Strokes, addiction to drugs, obesity, diabetes (both the types), depression, fast ageing, forgetfulness (Alzheimer’s) are few of the dangerous conditions that have stress as a root cause.

To conclude, it is my humble appeal for the individuals reading this section to take care of themselves and not fall prey to such a vicious ailment – The STRESS.

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