One Step At A Time….

Have you heard the place in India with highest rainfall in a year? It rains every single day in that place.The place we (outsiders) call it as “Cherrapunj” but the local people call it as “Sohra”. Sohra is a small high altitude town situated in the northeastern state of Meghalaya in Indian Subcontinent. Sohra is famous for its lush green landscapes,high waterfalls,streams,caves and the most iconic man-made natural wonder ,Double Decker Root bridge.Root bridges are made by the overgrown roots of large trees and used for mobilization of humans,cattle & goods.To reach the double-Decker root bridge,you got climb down a steep steps of around 3000 and more.

Double Decker!!

The walk to this double-Decker root bridge will be an unforgettable fairy tale experience for you if you let go of yourself with serene nature.You can see the village people smiling and inviting you with warm friendly gestures.These are people of nature .They live one with the nature and they definitely give what they take from nature.

Nature of earth is simple –

“If you take from her, you have to give it back”.

One Step At A time!!

One of the most important thing I learnt in life is while climbing up the steps after enjoying the double-Decker root bridge.“One step at a time”-I was repeating this sentence again and again like chanting Gayatri mantra or Vande Mataram. I was able to complete the 3000+ steps steep climb by focusing on one step at a time.In life,we give up many things just because it is too big to achieve.All it takes is one step at a time towards our goal.Well friends,you need not climb the 3000+ steps to learn this lesson unless you want to experience the beauty of the nature to her fullest.

The start of a long journey starts with Baby Steps!!

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