Sharjah Shake – A cool Recipe for the summer!!


1.Milk1/2 litre Deep Frozen
3Horlicks3 Small Sachets (3*18grams)
4CashewsAs Required
5AlmondsAs Required
6Sugar2 Tbsp


  1. Crush the Frozen Milk .


  1. Grind 6 Cashews and 4 Almonds into powder in a Mixer Jar.
  2. Cut the bananas and add it to the powder .
  3. Add Sugar and 2 1/2 packets of Horlicks.
  4. Add Crushed Frozen Milk .
  5. Grind it for 2 minutes.


  1. Take a Glass and add the sliced Cashews and Almonds.
  2. Pour the Shake into the Glass and sprinkle some sliced Almonds over it.
  3. Sprinkle Horlicks over the Shake.

Tips:We can add Boost or Complan powder too.

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