NeiKadalaiParuppu Fry | NeiKadalai | Chatpata chana dal | Recipe.


A Spicy,crispy and healthy snack which is called Chatpata chana dal in North india and Nei kadalaiParrupu fry in southern part of India. Chana dal or Bengal gram dal are rich in protein and very healthy for body by providing energy,controlling diabetics,lower blood pressure,weight loss and so on.Garlic and curry leaves are good for heart,highly nutritious and improves cholesterol level.


1.Bengal Gram dal1 Cup
2.Chilly powderAs required
3.SaltAs required
4.Turmeric powderAs required
5.Pepper powderAs required
6.Curry leavesAs required
7.Crushed Garlic5-6 cloves
8.Asafoetida3 pinch
9.OilAs required
11.CashewsAs required
Ingredients Table:


  1. Soak Bengal gram dal in water for 8 hours.
  2. After 8 hours,remove water from Dal.
  3. Dry the dal in cotton cloth or tissue for 1 hour .

Tips:Avoid drying under sun.

Kadala Paruppu
Kadala Paruppu.

Step :2

  1. Heat oil and 1 tbsp ghee in fry pan.
  2. After oil and ghee get heated ,turn stove to medium flame.
  3. Fry dried Bengal gram dal batch by batch.
  4. Add turmeric powder while frying the dal (first time alone).
  5. Keep the fried dal aside.
NeiKadalaiParuppu Recipe.


  1. Fry cashews and curry leaves.

Tips:Curry leaves and Cashews give additional flavour to the fried dal.

2. Fry crushed garlic and keep it aside.


  1. Add fried cashews,curry leaves and crushed garlic with the fried dal.
  2. Add Chilly powder,Asafoetida,pepper power and salt to the above mixture.
  3. Give a gentle mix and serve it.

Spicy crispy and healthy Nei kadalaiparuppu fry Ready…

Frying in pan

Important Point to remember while cooking:

  • Soaking Bengal gram dal for 8 hours is compulsory for better crispiness.
  • Try to avoid drying the Soaked Bengal gram for more than 1 hour.Drying for long hours will dampen the puffiness while frying.
  • Add Masala as per requirements.We can use chat masala too.
  • Add the masala powder,fried curry leaves,cashews and salt while the fried dal is hot.Allowing it to cool-down will make the mixing harder.

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