Quarantined from Birth – The Life of a Woman!!

**Lock down will be extended for another 19 days, announced by our Prime Minister** News telecast ed in TV. “WTH is this? I cannot sit inside the home anymore!!” He shouted and threw the TV remote. **a hand took the remote and kept it aside** “Why are you getting this much angry? Stay calm!” His mom said. “You want me to stay calm? How mom? It’s really boring inside and it’s making me mad!! Don’t you feel the same as me?” He asked.

 **His mom smiled** “What? Why are you smiling mom?” He asked. **She came and sat near him** “Chill dear! I’ll tell you a story, will you listen?” His mom asked. “Will it be interesting than this quarantined situation?” He asked. “Yes my son!”

**His mom replied and started the story** “There was a couple living in a village back in 1980’s, only after few years of marriage they were blessed with a girl baby. She is their only child. Those days, if girl baby is born in some villages they were meant to be killed by giving milk mixed with cactus plant extract to the child…. “but why mom?” he interrupted.” My son, because some people in the village will not have much money to spend for their girl child marriage” His mom replied. ‘’oh really!! Fortunately I have born here and not as a girl in those places.” He said. “Only now, you are feeling happy to be born for us I think.” His mom kidded. “No mom, so tell me did they killed that girl?” “No, they didn’t kill her” His mom replied. “Wow! Why? What happened then?!” He exclaimed. “As she was born after so many years with all the prayers of them, they didn’t kill her. She was brought up so protectively, it’s not only because she has born after years it’s also in those places women were not allowed to be independent….“ “Which means?” He interrupted and asked.

It is all but dreams!!

“She was not allowed to step outside of home unnecessarily, also not even allowed to go to school as it was far away from their village. She has been longed to study while crossing the school when she was taken only to the temple every week. It was just left as a wish, but she used to gain some knowledge from some children who were going to school near her house. She also had interest in art and was making art in the walls of her house. Life was going like this for some years. When she was 14 years old her father passed away due to heart attack, which made her mother totally broken and she also passed away within a year. She has lost her parents and was standing alone without knowing what to do next, even her relatives were not ready to take care of her rather with the money her father has saved they made her to join in a home where orphans and aged people stays.

At first it was so difficult for her but there is no other option than accepting it. She started to share things with the people around and gained some knowledge and skills there. Even there she was not allowed to move out. When she was 20, a family whom were visiting regularly and helping the home liked the way she greets, helps, and behaves and approached her to get married to their son. She then spoke to their son, by having some hope of changing her life she said yes and got married to him”. “So mom, how was her life after marriage?”

He interrupted and asked. “After all, it was just another sophisticated cage! She has to cook food, wash the clothes, taking care of their children and doing only these every day.” His mom replied. “Who is she mom? She is your friend?” He asked. “Yes, she is my only best friend since my birth.” His mom replied “Do I know her?” He asked. “Yes my dear, she is your mom!” His mom replied. **Tears started rolling out of his eyes** **She wiped his tears with her hands** “This is the reason why I fought with your father and made your elder sister study in abroad as per her wish, but not every women life is as same as my case, just some.“ His mom said. “But mom….” He tried to say.  “Oh my god! Time is 7 pm I have to make dinner, go and wake up your father!” she said and moved to the kitchen. “He won’t wake up mom!” He indirectly pointed her situation and went to help her.

Dedicated to all the mothers and house wives out there!!

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  1. Ouch! Just another sophisticated cage – very powerful and heartbreakingly beautiful. Even in the West – women have to fight daily for simply equality like pay for the same job or equality within the house. Thank you for sharing this x

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