Parotta – A Recipe

Parotta– This word is not a variety of food but an emotion to many. You can have Parotta with a variety of curries and one of those rare few which goes with Veg and Non Veg Curries.

Ingredients :

SaltAs per taste
WaterAs required
OilAs required


  1. Take Maida,Salt and Sugar in Bowl.
  2. Knead the Mixture by adding Water
  3. After 5mins of Kneading,add 2tbsp Oil and knead again for 10mins.
  4. Apply Oil over the dough and let it for 1hr.


  1. Make Balls with Dough.
  2. Apply OIl over Balls and let it for 1 more hour.


  1. Turn a large plate upside down and Apply Oil on it.
  2. Spread the Ball over the plate into a thin sheet.
  3. Cut the thin sheet vertically using a Knife.
  4. Make the cut thin sheet into a round shape.


  1. Apply Oil on the surface and spread the round dough gently with hands.
  2. Add Oil to the heated Tawa .
  3. Roast the spreaded dough on both sides.


  1.    Arrange three or four Parotta one over another.

2.  Beat it to make the Parotta soft.

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