Palkova|Milk Sweet – A Recipe!!

People love sweets!! In most of the houses it is part of our daily diet. Any celebrations calls for sweets. It is even more special when made at home..

This blog is a recipe for Palkova Sweet.

Ingredients :

Milk1 ltr
Sugar1/2 cup
Lemon1 small size
AlmondsAs required


i)Pour the milk into the pan.
ii)Heat and Stir the milk continuously.


i)After stirring milk for around 1 hour and 15 minutes,milk will condense.
ii)Add lemon juice and continue the stirring.


i)After adding lemon juice ,we can able to see the difference in texture of the milk.
ii)Now add sugar the milk and stir again.
iii)After around half an hour of stirring,sweet yummy Palkova will be ready.

Tips : The whole process will take around 2 hours to complete.


i)Now transfer the Palkova into ghee greased mold or plate.
ii)After the Palkova get cooled completely,we can make pieces and decorate with almonds.

All time everybody’s favourite Palkova is ready‚Ķ

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