Pal Payasam | Milk Kheer | A recipe for tasty treat!!

I remember my mother asking what I want for my Birthday and I would end up telling Pal Payasam. Well that ritual still continues. Pal Payasam is very close to my heart and thinking of it makes me drool!!

This blog tells us the recipe for this amazing sweet dish!!

Ingredients :

Milk    1/2 Ltr
Condensed Milk2 tbsp
SugarLess than 1/2 cup
Vermicelli1/2 cup
Sago  3 tbsp
GheeAs required
CashewsAs required
Dried grapesAs required
CardamomAs required

i) Roast Cashews and dried grapes in Ghee.
ii) Roast Vermicelli in Ghee till it becomes golden brown.
iii) Roast Sago till it becomes bigger in size.
iv) Keep it aside.

i)Boil the roasted Sago in pressure cooker with milk and water for 1 whistle.

Tips:Add milk till the Sago gets immersed.

i)Add roasted Vermicelli into the boiled Sago.
ii)Allow Vermicelli to boil .
iii)Add Sugar and let it to melt.
iv)Add Condensed milk and mix it well
v)Add remaining milk and allow it boil.

i) Add torn Cardamom,roasted nuts and 2 tbsp Ghee.
ii) Mix it well.

Tips: Add saffron if needed.

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