Oreo Milkshake – A must for the summer!!

How to make tasty Oreo Milkshake in home?


1.Milk : 200ml

2.Oreo Biscuits : 4nos

3.Sugar : 2tbsp

4.Coco powder : 1tbsp

5.Chocolate syrup : 1tbsp

6.Ice (if required)


i)Blend the mixture of milk,Oreo biscuits,sugar and coco powder in the juicer.

ii)Decorate the glass with chocolate syrup along the corners and then pour the Oreo milkshake in it.

iii)Drop some pieces of Oreo Biscuits over the Milkshake. Your got the tasty Oreo Milkshake in just a couple of minutes with much less cost than any shops.Share it ,enjoy it.

Try it at home and share us your experience. Tag us @arhaaths.

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