Mindfulness – It is the way of life!!

Benefits of Mindful Physical Exercise :
“Physical Body is nothing without life but for life to exist and prosper,you need a healthy body”.
Hi friends,
I wish you all a healthy life filled with happiness,joy,adventure and a whole lot of laughter,action and dramas.If you ask me what is healthy life,I would definitely say the following three things;Healthy body,Healthy mind and Healthy Life form(Soul)
Let us go through each of the three things one by one.The first and the foremost is a healthy body.You guys might have read a lot of Health articles,blogs,videos and so on.What I am going to tell you is about how exercise transformed my life physically ,mentally and spiritually.
I am not here to explain intricacies of physical exercises but just to remind that exercises is not just mere physical chore.Every beginner and some regulars of exercise forget that body without mind is just waste of time. Now lets get into the core of article now.

The core is what matters at the end!!

i)Mental Picturing :

Create a mental picture of what you want to do with your body.Do you want to be lean or bulky,athletic or bodybuilder??You can use a role model like actors,bodybuilders,athletes and any other physically fit attractive person.They are only for inspiration and motivation .

When the mind is not restricting you!!

ii)Movement with Mind:

Exercise is set of movements of our body parts.Knowing about our body will help us to mold it in a way we want it be.When you do a exercise ,take your mind along with movement of the muscles and joints.Feel the muscles contracting or expanding ,joints crushing or relaxing and blood flowing or being blocked in the region.

Health is just not state of body but mind too..

iii)Breathing with the flow:

Breathing plays a very important in our execution of building our body into powerful tool.Mindful breathing is often linked with yoga and meditation but seldom related with exercises.Your breath has to travel along the direction of your body movements.

You can make exercise a part of your daily life by three simple sets of exercises.
i)Walking or jogging or Running:
For a healthy body ,exercise is as important as a healthy diet and sound sleep. That’s for another article to explore.For now ,lets make our body a living temple for the divine soul and intellectual mind.

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