Middle Class..

When I was born with a silver spoon,
It was taken away so soon.
When babies are happy playing with costly toys,
I was brought up hearing lullaby from my mother’s voice.
In school, students were pampered well and came neatly dressed up,
I walked from home in the sun and reached messed up.
When I take my hands near things in thought of buying with a smile,
On seeing my empty pockets, it gets wings and starts flying a mile.
While people around are enjoying their life,
I am standing in the edge of knife.
Whenever I wish for a dream to come true with hope,
I was put into the “dream for a wish, sacrifice for family ” loop.
When family was first placed, happiness was never replaced.
It doesn’t mean i sacrifice my happiness,
I get happiness when I sacrifice.
If you wanna taste all the life experiences of a glass,
Be born in the family of middle class.

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