Love & Hate – The two sides of the same coin???

“Love and hate are ideas.You use it along with to perceive and define the world”

Love is considered as the universal idea which transform human-animal into human-god.The words of Scholars and spiritual gurus flow with love for every living creatures and the almighty god. Men and women of the world would do anything for love.Mothers would jump into fire to save her baby .Soldiers would face rains of bullets and bombs for the love of their nations.It transcends everything . Hate is another idea which is as powerful as love .

I say “love and Hate” are ideas because you perceive these two things relating to something else.That something can be anything from a piece of paper to entire universe.Each one of carries this love and hate with us .Some shares the love and some shares the hate.Starting from our day to day life to world politics ,these two play a very significant role.People use our love and hate to sell things to us.

Lets start with some hates in our daily life,

i)Hate for imperfections in our body: Cosmetic industries thrives because our hate toward our imperfections. If you are dark-skinned,you hate it and wanted to become fairer by applying any creams and lotions sold by the cosmetic companies. If you are of fair-skinned and have pimples,there you go for cosmetic products.The Mass Media of today is the partner-in-crime in this business of hate along with cosmetic companies. Mass media is used to create a perfect specimens of men and women who practically does not exist in our mortal world.The portrayal of perfect skin,hair,teeth and body types clouds the consciousness of the public. The common thing is that we hate our imperfections and wanted to look like models in TV commercials/ads. We refuse to accept that such impossible beauties are not even achievable by high-end creams and surgeries.

ii)Hate for other religion,caste,language,country and so on… Our Hate for people of other religion,caste,language,race and country mainly stems from our differences and past atrocities.Our differences can be anything from the way we dress,we talk,we pray,we eat,we walk,we sit and even the way we look at each other. The most important of all the difference are the faith and belief we have.People of power tends to get addicted to the power.To retain the power,they use the hate of individual and the mass. Politicians within a state uses caste to gain and retain power. Politicians of a State uses language and racism to get to and hold to power. Politician of a region uses religion to get to power. Politicians of a nation uses other countries to get to top place of his country.There are enough examples to support these statements.

They are using and will continue to use it.
Dear friends,we all know the power of love but we tend to ignore it.Our hate eats away our love and leaves us with emptiness and pain.As long as love exist,hate will always exist.It will be our choice to choose,Love or Hate.

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