Irrfan khan – a rare species of Actor and human being!!

To excel in whatever field you choose ,you doesn’t require any great parental lineage or for you to be born genius. You have to find the one thing the separates you from the crowd and the thing that connects the crowd with you. The great leaders, successful personalities in different fields and powerful saints have one thing common – “the people”. To be great ,successful, popular or powerful, you need to give something value to people which makes their life better, less stressful ,entertaining ,thrilling, peaceful and prosperous.

Irrfan Khan is one such personality who have impacted the life of vast number of people not only in India but also throughout the world. His sheer determination and unique acting skills combined with his charismatic persona and hard work has made him a world-class actor and an admirable human being. Watching his growth from TV actor to A-list Bollywood star to much sought-after Hollywood actor ,is an inspiring story to every youngsters with dreams .In his acting career of 32 years starting from 1988,the slumdog millionaire actor got his first breakthrough in 2003.That is to say ,the life of pi actor has to struggle for more than fifteen years to get success and recognition.

One powerful idea can change your life if you acted upon it.When asked about his exemplary acting roles by Wall street journal,Irrfan replied he would commit himself completely to the one thing that bring out the essence of role he is playing.His role in the “life of pi” and his dialogues at the end of movie was so emotional and heart-touching.It reminded me of Morgan freeman’s words in the ending of Hollywood movie”The Shawshank Redemption”. The voices of both the actors,Irrfan and Morgan freeman,have something magnetic that gets listeners hooked up hours together.

People who shy away from difficulties and pain ,never taste the sweetness of success in their life.On asked about difficulties and losing passion in life,Irrfan told the reporter he too lost his passion for acting.Before he got the lead role in the 2001 British movie “The Warrior”,he thought of quitting acting because he was feeling lack of purpose in it.The work he put for the role in the movie brought back his lost purpose and passion in acting.This is something we should all learn while facing difficulties and lack of purpose.

The life of Irrfan khan will be a beacon of hope and purpose to everybody who came in contact with him directly or indirectly.This article is a humble tribute to the fine actor and human being whose legacy will go on forever.In these difficult times,let us spread the message of hope for better today and tomorrow.

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