Idly Powder – The right catalyst for all food.

Idly Powder, well the name says it all. A powder that acts as the taste buds for all your food!!


1.Gingelly Oil1 tsp
2.Black Urad dal50 grams
3.Sesame seeds2 tbsp
4.Split Bengal gram dal1 tsp
5.Coriander seeds1 tsp
6.TaramindSmall inch
7.Garlic6 cloves
8.Red chillies10-11
9.Curry leaves1 handful
10.Asafoetida1 tsp
11.SaltAs required


  1. Heat the pan in medium flame.
  2. Roast Black urad dal for 2minutes and transfer to a plate.
  3. Roast Sesame seeds and split Bengal gram dal separately .
  4. Transfer both to the same plate.
  5. Add gingelly oil in the pan .
  6. Fry red chillies,coriander seeds ,curry leaves and asafoetida.
  7. Transfer the fried mixture to the same plate as above.
  8. Place tamarind in the middle of the mixture and allow it melt .
  9. Allow the mixture to cool down.


  1. After the mixture gets cooled down ,transfer the mixture to mixer jar.
  2. Add garlic and salt to the mixture.
  3. Grind it into a fine powder.

Tips:Store the idly powder in air-tight container and it can be used for six months.

Simple, Spicy and tasty Idly powder Ready…

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