How to make Caramel Toffee at home?

Caramel Toffee, well the name says it all. Who does not love toffees and especially why not eat it when you can make it at home?


1Milk powder1/2 cup
2Sugar3+2 1/2 tbsp
3Honey1 tbsp
4Butter1 tbsp
5Condensed Milk1 tbsp
6Cardamom powder1 tsp
7Salt1 pinch


  1. Mix the Milk powder in water without any lumps.


  1. Heat a pan in medium flame.
  2. Caramelize 3 tbsp sugar in the pan.
  3. After sugar gets caramelized ,add 2 tbsp water and mix it.
  4. After changing the stove to low flame,add milk powder mixture from step 1 .
  5. After 5 minutes of stirring, add honey,sugar(2 1/2 tbsp) and condensed milk.
  6. Give a mix.
How to make Caramel toffee at home?


  1. When the mixture gets separated from the pan ,add butter and give a mix.
  2. Add 1 pinch salt and cardamom powder(optional).
  3. Mix it well and then switch off the stove.


  1. Transfer the mixture(from step 3) into a ghee greased tray or plate.
  2. Shape it evenly and allow it cool completely.
  3. After it cools completely ,cut it into pieces.
  4. Wrap the pieces in butter paper or wrappers.

Yummy and delicious Caramel Toffee Ready…

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