Home Made Pizza – A Recipe

Hello foodies….welcome to the Arhaaths’ page. Today we’re going to look at homemade pizza.  The best way to satisfy your cravings during the quarantine period. So, let’s get started.


Maida/App-purpose flour
Salt- As per required
Baking powder
Baking Soda
Tomato Ketchup
Chilli Flakes
Vegetables as per necessity

Step 1: The Base

–Take 3/4th cup of Maida or all-purpose flour in a bowl

–Add salt as per taste

–Add ½ spoon sugar

–Add ¼ spoon of Baking Powder and ½ spoon of Baking Soda [Do not add a lot of these as it can ruin the taste]

–One spoon of melted ghee [Oil can also be used in this place]

–3 spoons of Curd/ Yogurt

Give this a good mix. You can add a bit of water to it too. Curd also has water content in it so just a few spoons of it should be sufficient.

Knead this dough for a good 7-8 minutes till it gets smoother.

Now cover this with a wet cloth and let it rest for 1 Hour.

Step 2: The White Sauce

In a pan over the stove,

–take 1 spoon of Butter.

–1 spoon of Maida or all-purpose flour

At low flame, cook these both for 3-4 minutes so that the raw flavour of maida is gone.

–Slowly add ½ cup of Milk in it. It should be at room temperature and give it a good mix.

–Add salt as per necessity

Heat it up in low flame itself and if necessary, add 2-3 spoons of water so that a semi-solid mix is formed.

Step 3: – The Instant Red Sauce

–Take 4 spoons of Tomato Ketchup in a Cup

–Add one spoon of Red Chilli Flakes to it

— Add one spoon of Oregano

— Add a pinch of Red Paprika powder

Give this a good mix and your instant red sauce is ready.

Step 4: – The Veggies.

This is totally up to you as different people like different toppings.

I am going to use Capsicum, Onion and Corn but even Tomato, Paneer, Jalapeno or Mushrooms can be used.

Cut the veggies in a length wise manner and keep it ready for the ultimate procedure.

Step 5 : – The Ultimate Procedure

Take a big Kadai and put 2-3 cups of salt in it. Arrange a steel stand in it so that its base is totally immersed in the salt.

Sample steel stand which we usually use on glass tables to protect it from excess heat.

Now cover this setup and pre-heat it in medium flame for around 10-15 minutes.

Now take a Pizza plate or a medium size steel plate and apply oil all over it.

In Step-1, after resting the dough for 1 hour, take it out and knead it again for a few seconds.

Roll this dough thoroughly and try to make it as thin as possible( When we bake it in our setup, it will rise again).

Now place this rolled dough in the pizza plate. If it fits in correctly, its fine. If not, extend its ends till its sides and again apply slight oil in the edges.

Now apply the instant red sauce (Step-3) over the dough.

If you want a cheese pizza, take 4 cheese slices and place it over the red sauce spread and again apply the red sauce over the cheese too.

Now take the white sauce (Step-2) and apply over it.

Take the veggies (Step-4) and place it randomly over this white sauce. Fill the gap between the veggies with the available white sauce.

Now spread some chilli flakes and oregano all over it.

Now place this plate over the steel stand in our Kadai and cover it over.

Now bake this setup in low flame for 20-22 minutes.

And that’s it. Our pizza is ready.

Try it at home guys. It is a great way to satisfy our cravings and also wake the inner chef out. *Winks*

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