Aviyal – A Famous South Indian Recipe.


Aviyal is a famous south Indian dishes made of 13 or more vegetables mixed with coconut and curry leaves.It is predominant in south districts of Tamil Nadu (Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli) and in the state of Kerala.The origin of this dish have many stories among which the story of great Siddha rishis recommended it for Kings and Queens.Another mythical origin of Aviyal states that Bheema of Pandava kings invented the dish when they were in exile.

Aviyal is served as traditional dish for Onam,the state festival of Kerala and also Pongal,the state festival of Tamilnadu.


4.Onion (big)1
5.Drum Stick 1
7.Broad Beans3
8.Raw banana1
9.Cumin seeds1 tsp
10.Onion (small)10+3
11.Garlic 5 cloves
12.Green chillies2
13.Curry leavesAs required
14.Coconut2 handful grated
15.Mustard1 tsp
16.Coconut oilAs required
17.Turmeric powder1/4 tsp
18.Curd2 tbsp
19.Salt As required
20.Asafoetida1/4 tsp


  1. Chop all vegetables(Carrot,brinjal, potato big onion,drumstick,beans,broad beans and raw banana) into long pieces .
  2. Add the chopped vegetables to a pan.
  3. Add water an inch below the vegetables.
  4. Add turmeric powder,salt and asafoetida .
Aviyal the Indian Style.


  1. Grind cumin seeds,10 small onions,garlic cloves,green chillies and curry leaves into coarse paste without adding water.
  2. Add the coarse paste into the step 1 mixture.
  3. Mix it well.


  1. Cover the pan with the lid and allow it to cook for 15 minutes in medium flame.

Tips: Stir the vegetables at intervals to avoid overcooking.

2.After 5 minutes from covering the pan, add coconut oil to get pleasant aroma.


  1. Grind 3/4 of grated coconut into a fine paste by adding water .
  2. Add the fine paste to step 3 mixture after 15 minutes of cooking the vegetables.
  3. After a minute,sprinkle 1/4th of grated coconut over the vegetables .
  4. Give a mix and switch off the stoves.


  1. For tempering,heat coconut oil in a pan and add mustard.
  2. After mustard gets heated,add curry leaves and small onions.
  3. Add the tempered ingredients with the Step4 mixture.
  4. Add curd to enhance the taste of aviyal .
  5. Mix it well and serve it.

Healthy Delicious Aviyal Ready…

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