Books to read during Quarantine!!

Reading books is a wonderful hobby and a effective learning tool which takes you to different worlds and also helps to create worlds of your own.For some people , books are life-long companions from whom he/she learns valuable lessons and build their life on them.Every human you meet have one or more things to teach you .The same goes for the books you touch and it can be really life-changing(in better way,of course).Here I present five of my favorite books and one lesson I learnt from them.I wish you read those books and take your own lessons from them.

1.Book Name :The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

This book of Paulo Coelho published in 1988 ,is one of the few books which will definitely change your thought process for better.

Lesson learnt:If you strongly believe in you and strive to achieve your goal against all odds,the universe will aid you in your journey.

Search for :Eleven Minutes,Brida and the Zahir.

2.Book Name :The Subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson:

Mark Manson’s second book which released in 2016 ,is a wonderful read if you are tired of contiuous bombardment of superficial self-help chanting and slogans.

Lesson learnt: Life is not fair,so prioritize your shit and act on what you can control to get things done in life.

Search for :Everything is f*cked .

3.Book Name :The Invisible library by Genevieve cogman

As an ardent fan of fantasy-genre and lover of books ,I really the enjoyed the adventure of Irene and Kai .I (secretly) wished to work in the mysterious Library as a librarian and go on with various adventures of the pair(Irene and Kai).

Lesson learnt: Library can be dangerous place as it can make you mad by its noise(from books) or by its silence(from readers).On additional note, Books can get you killed.

Also Search for :The Masked City and the Burning Page.

4.Book Name : The Cruel Prince by Holly black:

Faeires and Feys are integral part of the European mythologies and also the fantasy world created by authors like Holly black & Cassandara Clare.The Cruel Prince by Holly black is the first book in “The Folk of air” series,published in 2018.

Lesson learnt: Nothing and Nobody can put you down as Jude raised to top of fey kingdom beside being human.

Search for : The Folk of the air trilogy,The Wicked King and The queen of Nothing.

5.Book Name : Where will Man take us by Atul Jalan

This informative and entertaining book on technology coupled with mankind’s quest to unravel the mysteries of his existence along with universe’s.He takes us to a journey of Artificial intelligence,Nanotechnology ,Robotics,cybernetics ,quantum mechanics and other unknown future technologies.He explains the impacts of technological advancements and how it shapes our present/future concept on beliefs,religions,education systems,marriage,love,child bearing,ageing ,travel ,death and so on.

Lesson learnt: Science and technology can help us reach the ultimate truth (God).You will need faith too. On its path to truth ,science will kill in numerous man-made gods and their false ideologies.

Line from the Book: God is our ignorance.

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9 thoughts on “Books to read during Quarantine!!

  1. Some great suggestions on this list!

    I’ve been dying to read The Alchemist for months now but kept putting it off, but after reading this it’s going to be the book that I pick up next!

    I loved The Art of Not Giving a F***, its straight to the point self-improvement without the fluff, one of my all-time favourites!

    Christina x

  2. Great suggestions! I know a couple of people who have read ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ and it’s going on my (ever growing) reading list.

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