Five Online Games one should not miss!!

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I am going to straight away dive into a new topic that is entertaining and challenging and close to heart to all people who are currently involved in playing a lot of games online now due to the lockdown,

If you thought Games (although it is mentioned in the last sentence), You got me half right, I am going to talk about E-Sports today.

Some will be like, “E-What”, the hell?

E-Sports is short for Electronic Sports, it is the name assumed to expert competitive gaming in the computers (sometimes online or otherwise). To simplify, it is a competition to play video games and take away a winner’s trophy (pretty bucks too). Anyway I am not going to bore you with details of how the Esports came into being and stuff but I am going to entice you into playing these gaming for the first time, for some I will be taking you back to memory lane and make you cry, that’s right, get your wipes ready … it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster (I think I went too far)..
Anyhoo.. getting on to the actual topic..,

Every child’s fantasy of being the best gamer begins when he is usually about 6-7 years old where his parents have gifted him a console or he figures out a way to install a broken lock version of the game in his parents computer. For some this applies, but for others there are a whole lot of internet cafés and gaming arenas where these are encouraged for a fair price you pay and then you just want to go back and win until the owner of the arcade says, you’re his champion and he lets you compete the newcomers for free (true story in my case, I am not going to tell you the details of how that happened, or maybe another article dedicated to it-look forward for this).

Well, the games that I mention and talk about are my favorites and I am planning on starting with the one’s that excite me to this day.

1.) Counter Strike 1.6
2.) CS GO
3.) Call of Duty (now mobile) – earlier MW2
4.) GTA
5.) Cricket 07

1.) Counter Strike 1.6

The most played game in my history of gaming from my childhood, I have been & still am a passionate CS player throughout my life. I started playing CS when I was in the 12th grade, which makes it 9 years now. I am named Mr.E@Gle as I have a way around with snipers and long shots with a dummy gun even. To tell you how old the game is, I started off with CS 1.3, but I liked 1.6 the most followed by CS-GO. I have played many versions of counter strike till date including CS Source, CS-GO.

According to Valve (the game’s owner), globally there were 300 million players of Counter-Strike.
The Game is simple enough for the explanation, a first-person shooter game, in which there are 2 teams, one of terrorists try to mount an attack and other of counter-terrorists trying to prevent it.
Due to this game, there are many people who have started gaming and gone on to improve their logic of how the system works in the world of gaming and get their aiming of guns right. Learning techniques like bunny-hopping, proper sight aiming, hit a target without scope etc..,
this game is definitely THE ONE to try out and master, as it will improve the overall gamer in you.
Also, if played with a team, the game actually makes you learn the most difficult skill that is used every day, a personality boost, being “THE TEAM PLAYER”.

When in bachelors, My Best friends & I made a clan, the fiercest in the county of the Kanchipuram.
Famously known as “CStrike_Warriors of SCSVMV University”.

2.Cricket 07:

The First Choice for any CRICKET lover, it was love at first sight for me and my fellow street brothers when small. (Of course I am tiny and young)
 this game has stood one of the most inspiring sports games ever made. This game has harvested a gigantic popularity among every cricket playing nations and many.
With many patches being produced by the fan community of the game making the game even more realistic than ever. I bet there are no new games of cricket that have such a fan base.

It features a number of types of games of cricket which surprisingly includes the 20-20 format also and other limited overs matches 50 Overs, 40 Overs, 10 overs or 5 overs even, the best in representation of 4-day first-class matches and full-length test matches(lasting a real 5 days). This game gave the beloved wannabe cricketer an option to create and tag himself as a part of a roster and perform against the toughest opponents and with their favorite childhood hero. You get to select different pitches and different weather conditions and that too in different venues. So practice first, risk assessment, improve technique, learn new skills, and plan a solid game when playing real….it was a package for any cricket lover. Some other notable and to be mentioned features of EA Sports Cricket 2007 include the Ashes, the history to be played again and the chance to be a part of it through the game.

It had a world cup, a world championship, you could tour nations, play the knockout cup (then known as CB series’), t20 cup, England’s county season and options to choose clothing/bat and customize every player in the roster to skills he really shows on the field on TV.


GTA Stands for “Grand Theft Auto”.
So who doesn’t know these games and the version around it (I you are a say 1/10th “gamer” gamer).

So there are many versions of this game,
started somewhere from GTA/GTA2/GTA III/ GTA Vice city/ GTA San Andreas/GTA IV/GTA V.

Grand theft auto started as a fun game then it became the world wide hit due to GTA Sanadreas theme song and the whole story revolving around “who is the king of neighborhood” (CJ)

And mainly brotherhood.

This gaming series let the world believe in all good doesn’t necessarily be a good thing and teaches more morals that are very useful in our every day life. From being a fun play time to actually maturing a person the GTA is one of the most played games in the world. ROCKSTAR GAMES simply just rocks…

4.Call Of Duty :

So many games and so little I have written, well download and play all these games during this lockdown to pass time 1, learn shooting 2, and have the most fun and utilization of your time 3.
Need more reasons, well I can give you some, read along.

Ever wondered how the army actually functions in the war/ assignments they are sent on?
These COD games are the perfect example for the same, but with a whole lot of fun side.
Obviously, the cadets who are sent to assignments have a real life and a real task that they are expected to complete for the sake of national interest and duty.
In honor to them, I would like to say -> they are the most noble and respected people in the world (and I mean every soldier from every country) it is not easy to put your life on the line for anything be it a whole country all together.

Call of duty origination in the Esports community led to a whole new community being formed where guys and girls started testing out the talent in the aiming department and stealth department with heavy hardware and sometimes with a light hardware with low settings of graphics so that they can play and be called the best of the best in the game.

My fond memory is playing COD-Modern Warfare 2/Black OPS 1…

Although there are some characters that betrayed us in the game … I am still upset… but the game takes you through an emotional turmoil where you actually get attached to a characters story and want him to win any challenges put in front of him.
This revolves a story line that makes conspiracy theorists head spin, an amazing detail of places and weapons and the gameplay is so surreal. It is portrayed in a line of three characters who are eventually leading up to one big war just like the avengers but the best part is there are 3 different characters from 3 different nations fighting for peace through attempting to end rebel’s reign who spread hate and want chaos on this earth.
Anyway, The multiplayer version of these games are a huge hit even today that Tenacent games actually developed a mobile version of the game for the gamers disposal and the best part it is free of cost….YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY!

Btw you can hit me up, I am there, my clam is CStrike_Warriors and my Name … remember it MR.E@GLE.Yep that’s me, Ranked 1in the below image amongst my friends.For the Main leader board I have a whole way to go, I need to do this 24×7 to actually be in the top 2K which I do not and cannot afford to..

Game sources respective makers (obviously).

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