Egg Paniyaram – A Tasty Recipe!!

Egg Paniyaram – A tasty yet healthy snacks for your family. Easy to cook and tastier to eat. This blog gives is the recipe.

Ingredients :

Egg4 nos
Onion (Small)5-6 nos
Roasted chana dal(porikadalai)2 tbsp
Grated coconut4 tbsp
Cumin seeds1 tsp
Garlic5 cloves
Green chilly1 big size
Coriander leavesAs required
Curry leavesAs required
SaltAs required
OilAs required
Carrot1 nos

Step :1
i)Grind roasted chana dal,grated coconut,cumin seeds,garlic and green chilly into fine powder.

i)Crack the eggs into a bowl.
ii)Add finely chopped onion,grated carrot,coriander leaves and curry leaves into the eggs.
iii)Add the fine powder from step 1 and salt into above mixture .
iv)Mix it well with whisk or fork.

i)Pour oil and heat the paniyaram pan in medium flame.
ii)Pour the step 2 mixture in paniyaram pan.
iii)After the paniyaram gets cooked on one side,turn it to other.
iv)When the paniyaram gets completely cooked,take it out from pan.

Yummy egg paniyaram ready …

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