Black Forest Cake – A tasty & Simple Recipe!!

The post today is on the recipe to make tasty and simple Black Forest Cake!!


1.Maida – 1/2 cup

2.Cocoa powder – 2tbsp

3.Baking powder – 1/2tsp

4.Baking soda – 1/4tsp

5.Salt – 1pinch

6.Sugar – 1/2cup(for cake mixture),1/4cup(for suger syrup)

7.Milk – 1/4cup

8.Sunflower Oil – 1/8cup

9.Egg – 1nos

10.Vanilla essence – 1/2tsp

11.Vinegar – 1/4tsp

12.Coffee powder – 1tsp

13.Water – 1/4cup

14.Whipping cream – 100gm

15.Cherries – As required

16.Dark Chocolate – As required


i)Sieve the materials Maida,Cocoa powder,Baking powder,Baking soda and salt

ii)Keep the sieved ingredients aside

Vessels used to sieve

i)In a mixing bowl,beat the egg for five minutes using the beater .
ii)Add milk,oil,vanilla essence with the beaten egg and beat till the ingredients get mixed well.
iii)Add 1/2 cup sugar with above mixture and beat it again till the sugar get dissolved.

i)Add the sieved mixture from step 1 with the mixture in step 2 and mix it well.
ii)Pour the cake mixture into the butter paper covered oil-greased cake mold.
iii)Tap the mold 5-6 times to remove the air-bubbles.

i)Take a pressure cooker ,add 1 cm of thin layer of powdered salt and place a stand which can hold the cake mold.
ii)Close the pressure cooker without the cooker gasket and the whistle for pre-heating (5 minutes)
iii)After 5 minutes of pre-heating,place cake mold from step 3 into the cooker pressure on the stand.
iv)Again close the pressure cooker without the cooker gasket and whistle, then bake it for 35-40 minutes.

i)To prepare the sugar syrup,heat the sugar(1/4 cup) till it gets completely dissolved.
ii)Keep it aside and let it cool for sometime.

i)Take the readily available whipping cream ,beat it well till the stiff peaks is formed.
ii)To check the consistency,try to invert the bowl and check whether the cream falls or not.If it doesn’t fall ,it is perfectly beaten.

i)After 35-40 minutes of baking the cake,remove the cake mold from the pressure cooker and allow it cool down.
ii)Demold the cake.
iii)Cut the cake(horizontally) into two or three equal layers.
iv)Take one layer of cake and apply sugar syrup over it.
v)Then add the whipping cream all over the first layer.
vi)Follow with the same procedure for other layers too.
v)After applying the whipping cream for final layer ,make sure the sides are covered with whipping cream and place it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

i)Take the cake from freezer and do the decorations as you wish.

Your delicious home-made Black forest Cake is ready.

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