A Silent Killer – Noise will Kill you!

“Noise is a killer.It kills people,insects,animals,birds and all other living things.It also kills the beautiful silence.Paradoxically there is no such thing as Silence in this universe.True Silence is a myth .It does not exist anywhere in the universe ,not even in Blackhole. People are losing their hearing because continuous exposure to loud noises in homes,streets,schools,colleges,public places,airports and so on.

As we know humans are capable of hearing sound ranging from 20Hz to 20000Hz and beyond or below which we are unable to hear it.The Uncontrolled noises around us may not kill instantly but in long haul it is sure kills us.These noises start from home and goes on to every part and parcel of our life and society.There is an urgent need to control these noises spreading throughout our society before it kills every one of us.

More systematic approaches has to be undertaken to reduce or eradicate this invisible threat to our society”.Thus ended my one hour presentation on “Noise and it’s effect on our way of life” in State-level science seminar held in our school.

I believe in what I said in my presentation about noise.Unlike everybody else who are unaware of the noises around them,I am different and sensitive to them.It always bring nightmares to me. That’s why I prefer silent library to noisy classrooms,silent science lab to noisy playground ,long silent route to noisy short route and silent corner room to noisy hall room. Well preference doesn’t matter when you fall from grace of money.My parents were able to afford my costly treatment before they went from rich to rag.

Now they blame each other,me,neighbours,apartment secretary,watchmen,security guard and every living-nonliving thing around them.To sum of our situation ,there is no nobody in our life.Nobody comes to house anymore.

Now when I reach my home,I freshen myself and change to my evening dress.It was really very calm and relaxing like it was for last ten days from my 16th birthday.There was no birthday party anymore for me.So it was surprise for my parents when I asked for large-size deep freezer as birthday gift.You know Natron right?.A naturally occurring salt containing sodium carbonate,sodium bicarbonate,sodium chloride and sodium sulfate.This natron was used by ancient Egyptians for mummification of their people for over 2000 years. It is really a hard process guys,trust me.My parents are not pharaohs but I have to do what I have to do.I can’t justify that I silenced them because they were fighting on my birthday too.Now my home is very silent and I wish the same to the world.A wise man once said “Home is the starting point for everything”.I think this is my starting point.

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