Wayanad – A Paradise in God’s own country!!

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To those of you who have missed the Christmas and new years holidays to travel and are looking for unwinding during the upcoming summer season, a visit to Wayanad will definitely help to get rejuvenated and feel fresh after a year-long fight with your daily routines. Got me… I want to run away this moment instead of writing this article but you know I can’t do that, haha… Anyway, Read on.

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To Introduce you to Wayanad, it is one of the 14 districts in God’s own country, Kerala. It is in the western ghat at a distance of 76 Kilometers from Calicut.

View from road side on the way top!!

Interesting Fact: ‘Wayanad’ is named after the picturesque paddy fields that decorate the landscape. Bet you did not know that (Wink), ask your friends this and be the knowledge hero of your gang) alrighty…

More About Wayanad’s History:

It is the 12th District of Kerala, it was carved out of adjoining regions on 1st November 1980.  It’s District Headquarters is Kalpetta.  It covers a total span of 2131 Sq. Km at an altitude varying somewhere between 700 to 2100 meters above mean sea level. The history of Wayanad dates back to the Vedic period which was ruled by Kings of Veda tribe. This beautiful and serene land was then ruled by many kings starting from Pazhassi Rajas to Hyder Ali to Tipu sultan and to the hands of Britishers.

Okay So how’s the climate you ask?

Wayanad experiences a typical tropical monsoon climate. The average maximum temperature of Wayanad is 29°C(I don’t think it feels 29 ever in Wayanad, more like 22/23 Max) and the average minimum is 18°C(feels like 10 or lesser sometimes though). The weather of Wayanad consists of summer, south-west monsoon, northeast monsoon and winter. Summer in Wayanad usually begins from Mid-March and it lasts through May.

What all places to visit there?

Top Attractions:

1. Chembra Peak:

The highest peak in the region at 2100 meters, gives one a once in lifetime trekking experience and is bound to test your physical prowess. It would take a complete day to climb up and down, but can be rest assured will not regret the climb.

You get to feel the clouds!

2. Edakkal Caves:

For those who love history, the drawings in the Caves are bound to arouse the interest in you. The drawings are believed to link the region to Indus Valley Civilizations.

3. Banasura Sagar Dam:

Is reckoned to be the largest earth dam in India and second largest in Asia. Situated at a distance of 21 km from Kalpetta. Located at the foothills of the Banasura Hills, acts as an ideal location for starting points for hikes.

Lake at the top…

4. Soochipara Waterfalls:

At Soochippara, waterfalls from a height of 20 metres and forms a pool before gushing away as a small stream. The nearby rock is 200 metres high and resembles a needle so it got the name needle rock. Not just the waterfall, the whole area is known by the name Soochipara. 

So, where do you stay?

There are many resorts at affordable prices for a comfortable stay and is accompanied by good food, catering to different tastes. The best way to reach Wayanad would be to drive from Calicut.

Also, Wayanad has the geographical advantage of being near to some of the other best tourist destinations in South India. Bengaluru, Ooty, Coorg and Kochi are cities that are about 350 km away from Wayanad and the best part is these places are reachable through road. Alrighty, Journey On…

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