The Scream of Silence –

Episode 1 : “Make your last wish…. Hahahah…You bloody!!Now I’m your god! , say! , what’s your last wish?!  Say now, sayyyyy!!! ” Michael Shouted at vinay who has been brutally beaten and tied in the chair. “Whom You said? ” Vinay asked with all the pain. “Didn’t you hear?. I said… I’m your god” Continue reading “The Scream of Silence –”


“Anne oru tea! ” A man ordered. ”macha apo enaku? ” His friend asked. “Unaku theriyatha macha, oruthanuku oru-tea(oruthi) dhan namma kalacharam” He kidded. **His friend having  a mindvoice” Kasu ilanu epdi samalikuran” and staring at him in anger**  “Anne enakum oru tea” His friend ordered. “Thambi, ungaluku oru-tea(oruthi) , ungaluku oru-tea (oruthi), eduthunkonga, kadaisilaContinue reading “Uni-TEA(unity)”