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So, this article is going to be another E-Sport entertainment article following up on my previous article.

Well, if you’ve not gone there, no problem,

I am about to write about the best game in the history of mobile gaming, “The CALL OF DUTY: MOBILE” Game that has every one glued to their phones… or how we fans call it “COD Mobil” vs PUBG another good game.

PS: I am biased towards Call of Duty as I am a legendary player who worships this game. But let me not ruin the neutrality for the sake of the article or am I going to? Let’s read further….

First things first,recently, an update was made, a month ago named radiated sector, and since then there have been so many new players around the globe that this game just told PUBG to take a chill pill and surpassed the downloads to a whopping 250Mil within the first 250+ days of its launch. PUBG Stood tall with 236Mil but we know it going down… most rivalries are set off by fans but this is about the gameplay…

Ring a bell as its -> Opinion Time:

Honestly, I find COD to be better because it is straighter outa the war story rather than PUBG where a guy/girl wearing shorts enters a battle arena… Hahaha, that’s funny. But before COD Mobile came into existence, I did enjoy my share of PUBG with my team although the gruesome plot (there isn’t any) was just too much to handle for me.

Once the COD Mobile made it to the arena of gaming, there was no turning back. There were multiple events/seasons after seasons and owing to all the success was the juxtaposing of multiplayer and the battle royale modes in the COD. The PUBG, shortly, started to increase its base with copy pasting its nemesis’s game modes like domination and short MP matches. (Sigh, and still many think PUBG is original, phhhhhheeewww, There; I said it)

To compete, there are games that offer the same gaming feel, like let’s take for example KNIVES OUT which can make it to the top but haven’t due to a terrible functionality issues to users. Their Google play ratings & reviews are not satisfactory or to a level for the game to compete with these 2 giants (this is not my opinion, I have read some terrible trash talking reviews of this game in google play).

Although PUBG has been around longer and had a large base of fans using and playing, Out of the two games, COD with the 250+ Million downloads has a larger user base now. Oh wait I already said it.

But seriously to compare & contrast these two games, their engines are different and so are their origins,

  • COD uses an Unity Engine while PUBG uses a Unreal Engine (unreal in the name :P)
  • COD has a gaming view, like a ps4/pc/Xbox gaming look while the PUBG in its own unique way has reality graphics where a common man if he gets hold of guns and goes into a fight with 100 odd people is depicted in a beautiful way.
  • Both have a varied range of the weaponry, best being M4/AK47/PDW in COD Mobile while the PUBG fans debate between GROZA/M416/ AWM

According to COD forum & sources, the game when released collected a huge response as 35 million accounts where created within 3 days. The COD Mobil originated in the studios of ACTIVISION Inc., the famous game company from America. Although they did not name it COD Mobil, but had it called CODLOW, legends of war in 2018. In 2019, when timi games studio, a secondary subsidiary of the Chinese game studio Tencent was signed to head the further development of the game and they renamed it to be COD Mobil. So although developed by TIMI, the game is still ACTIVISION’s…so an American Game (this seems to be the more important point)

For more Information on TENCENT:

While PUBG originally developed in Korea by an Ireland-born developer named Brendan Greene under the company PUBG which is again a subsidiary of the South Korean games development company Bluehole (now known as Krafton Game Union). Again, like I mentioned with COD, the Korean companies partnered with the TENCENT to introduce a mobile version of the same desktop game that was the talk of town then (Well apparently still is).

So I guess this article answers few questions, like which game is better? Which launched first? Which has a huge fan base? Why COD is realistic and PUBG not :P(coz it uses unreal engine)!!!

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Oh and here are some funny memes on the same comparison as we have done:

Image credits to all meme channels/pages and google.

Disclaimer: Author has no intentions to offend anyone, this is just an article that portrays what he believes in (COD Mobil is easier for him to use than the PUBG graphics and controls, while for the rest PUBG is in their blood stream).

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      1. 😂😂 I don’t know what happened to the rest of the comment…. but I do enjoy the COD mobile game, I’ve not played the other one.

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