The Priest and the Poor Woman..

The Priest and the Poor Woman..

There lived a priest in a village high above the mountains. He was a proud man who thinks high of himself and not much about anybody. Once on a heavy rainy day, a poor forest woman came to the temple to worship the lord. Seeing the woman ,the priest ran hurriedly to her and shouted at her to get out of temple premise. The hapless woman got shocked for an instance and then regaining her composure asked him of reason for outing her.

The priest arrogantly replied that this sacred place is home of almighty lord and only highborn people are worthy to enter it. She, a lowborn forest dwelling woman is not worthy to enter his abode. The woman asked him how worthiness of a person is measured ,by his birth or by his actions?

Though headstrong ,the priest was proficient in his trade ,replied the women that each individual’s actions define his worthiness in his next birth. So those who are born in high class are worthy because of all virtues done in previous birth. She is worthless lowborn because of her sins in previous birth. The forest women asked him whether her righteous action in this birth does not account for worthiness in this birth itself?

The perplexed priest found no words to answer the question. The women continued to talk about virtue and worthiness. One’s worthiness should not depend on his/her birth or color or religion .It should depend her character, her actions and her contact with the society. The actions of this birth will be rewarded or punished in this birth itself. Before the almighty lord, there was no lowborn or highborn. The home of lord should teach these lessons than preaching about next birth. The priest was surprised by the words coming out of the forest woman. Her talks are of not lowborn but of well learned highborn.

The woman asked the priest to step out of the temple once in a while and see the world around him. Listening to the women, the priest involuntarily stepped out of the temple. As soon as he stepped out ,the temple collapsed to the ground and was in piles of broken stones. When he turned to see the woman after watching the destruction of his lord’s home, there was no woman. The priest came to a startling realization and looked up to the sky.

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