The Ordeal!!!

The Ordeal

Episode 1:  TORMENT

It is endearing to know that your loved ones just need a warm embrace or a gentle pat on the shoulder from you to face off anything dark and cold. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well if a hug is all that is needed to make your worries go away, you are definitely living a fairy tale or hail from a rightful place in Disneyland. How does it feel when someone you hold the dearest is in deep trouble and you missed the only chance of helping them? Regret consumes you at that moment. Did the father succeed in helping his daughter from horrific nightmares? Well the answer lies in the story below.

Devi is a 12 year old motherless child living with her father Raj who is her only family. Raj does anything to keep his daughter happy and never lets her down. Life is peaceful and pleasant so far. But times change, so do lives.

The Ordeal!!

Day 1:

It was a summer night and Devi wakes up thirsty in the mid of night and goes to get water. There she finds the kitchen oddly cold and reeks of something dead.

She finds a dead cat covered in blood in the fridge which is half open. Scared Devi rushes to her dad screaming only to find that it was just a nightmare.

Day 2:

Devi wakes up again at the same time and finds herself very thirsty. Scared of the dark and the dream she had the day before, she is not comfortable getting off the bed to go get water. To her relief, she finds a water bottle next to Raj. She reaches out to the bottle only to find it empty. Hesitant to wake her dad, she climbs off the bed to get water from kitchen. Devi swiftly runs to the kitchen, fills the bottle and rushes back to the bed.

Sighing in relief, Devi gulps some water and closes her eyes to sleep. After a few minutes, on finding her feet wet, she opens her eyes and finds herself standing in the kitchen, water running from the tap and onto the floor. Shocked to find herself in the kitchen without her knowledge, Devi stuns and couldn’t move a finger. She hears a faint voice calling out her name and the voice gets bolder and bolder by minute.

Devi comes back to her senses and on trying to run back to her dad, she steps on the wet floor, slips and goes unconscious on hitting her head to the floor. When she gains her conscious again, Devi witnesses a cloudy figure dragging her to the balcony and throwing her off the building. Devi wakes up from her dream again, but she could feel the pain from banging the head and from being dragged but surprisingly, there are no bruises to prove her pain. Devi ignores the pain thinking she could have hurt herself by falling off the bed.

Day 3:

Another normal day, Devi is off to school and Raj to work. After a long sports event at school , Devi comes back home tired and dozes off to sleep. Time passes by and Devi hears heavy knocks on the door and hears her father shouting her name. She wakes up and rushes to the door to let her father in. Raj yells at Devi for getting him worried by not opening the door for very long. Raj cooks dinner for them both and after a nice dinner, both fall to bed. Unable to sleep, Devi goes to the hall and starts watching her favourite show on the TV.

Devi starts experiencing extreme thirst and goes to grab some water from kitchen. Right when she starts filling up the bottle she hears silent whispers from the next room. When she tries to check on what was wrong, the whispers fade. She later ignores the sound, convinced that the sound could be from the TV and observes the bottle to be oddly dry as she remembers filling it to the half seconds ago.

She tries filling the bottle again but to her surprise, water keeps flowing into the bottle but it never gets filled. Additionally, she checks for leaks but there were none. Later, scared Devi runs to the bedroom and TV gets switched off on its own. Scared Devi climbs onto the bed and into the sheet and the television turns back on with very high volume waking Raj from sleep and throws Devi into a panic attack.

To be continued…..

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