Second Chance.

Second chance

Part 1

*// Door Knocks//*

Jake opens the door and says “Hi Tim”

Tim rushes to his room without saying anything.

Jake: Anything wrong.

Tim: None of your Business.

Jake: I’m your Dad. It’s none of my Business unless your long face doesn’t involve doing anything illegal.

Tim: I did nothing illegal. Now, just leave me alone.

Jake: Alright.

//* Tim was down and sad for 3 days //*

Jake: Tim what happened to you. You are not properly eating, you barely sleep. I can see you are going through something. Please, tell me if anything I can do to help you out.

Tim: Talking to you definitely not going to help me. You let mom die in an accident. I wish, you would’ve died instead of mom.

Jake: Alright. Sit. You were almost right. You want the truth. Have it.  In that car accident, the one who was totally injured was me. Your mother was not at all injured.


It was her delivery time. She was in a shock. When the construction truck hit us, we both went unconscious. When I opened my eyes. I was in the Hospital. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move my fingers. I was terrified. I was terrified where your mom is. What happened to her? The Guy next my Bed called the nurse that I was awake. Doctor came and they told I was in coma for 2 months and my wife.

My wife was dead giving birth to you. I couldn’t even shout, I couldn’t even scream. All I did was shed tears. I can able to scream only inside. Too many things, it was too heavy. I had a cardiac arrest. I became conscious after two days. No Friends, No Family, No one is there at the hospital. They told you were taken care by the doctor himself and They moved me to another ward. I saw the same guy when I first woke up. He smiled at me and started talking to me.

14 stitches in my throat, knee fracture, spine injury, I couldn’t even turn his side. Doctor told me that I should stay for another 3 months. All the company I had is you and my bed-mate.

When a guy is idle, there is a 90% chance for him having a trauma. My case, wife dead, half alive, can’t even hold my son, worse phase of my life, Trauma hit me to the core. My bed mate and nurses took care of you. I barely talked to him. He knows what happened to me. I don’t know why he was admitted. I was always in the thoughts of your mom. I barely spoke. One day, He gave me 2 letters and told me to open the first one, only when I’m in extreme agony or in extreme Happiness and the second one to open when he’s gone.

Few days after, I find eating is difficult for me; even bread is too hard for me. I was diagnosed again. Doctor told my liver was dying. I can go for a liver transplant or I can go for an artificial liver and worst of all, my time is little. Liver Transplant: if someone is dead, will to donate and must have a perfect liver. You know the probability. Artificial Liver: That’s very doable, if I don’t have spine injury, cuts in my lungs. So my probability and possibility of making out alive is on the negative side. I was totally devastated. All I have is you and I couldn’t even hold you 4 months after you were born. I cursed the gods like anything, I kept on thinking, how you will survive, who will take care of you, where you’ll be. Anxiety, Depression, Blood pressure all boosted up and I fainted for almost 3 days.

After some day, My bed mate Disappeared. I opened the letter that he gave me to open when he’s gone. It had only one line…

To be continued….

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