Second Chance.

Second chance

2nd Part..

It had only one line.

“It was her choice”.

Your mom chooses to save you instead of hers. If I was conscious that time I would’ve definitely chosen her. I… I coul… I couldn’t even able to cry. I felt like drowning, instead of water, pain-filled my throat and I couldn’t let down the pain. I really couldn’t accept the reality, that we both going to abandon you and it’s not in our hands, Now all I had is Agony and I opened the other letter, That letter said

“This Moment will PASS”.

and I was like “This moment will pass”, This This fucking moment will pass, My wife is dead,  I’m Paralyzed, My days are numbered, my son is going to become an orphan and above all “This moment will Pass”. This letter cracked me up of all the misery I was going through.

After some time I began to wonder. He told me to read it if I’m at most agony, but how this moment will pass. How can anyone even tell that situation will flee?

While I was wondering a person came to me and asked “are you, Mr. Jake”.

Jake: yes.

Raymond: Hi Jake, My name is Raymond. I’m John’s lawyer.

Jake: Who’s John.

Raymond: Pity, you don’t know who he is, and yet he has offered you something precious.

Jake: You might be looking at the wrong Jake. Please, don’t waste my time.  I don’t have much.

Raymond: yet, you are alive. See, John is dead. and my work is to take care of his will.

Jake: Then definitely you are looking at the wrong guy.

Raymond: Before he’s dead. He was admitted here. Next to you. He’s Donating his liver to you. 

Hope that fits well.

Jake: What… How… He was fine. How did he die?

Raymond: My client doesn’t want to disclose this information to you. In my opinion, all he wants you to know is “He Hope you deserve”.

Jake: Why writing this on his own will?

//* Jake was silent and confused//*

Raymond: If he donates there is a possibility someone gets a chance. He wills it, He wills it, that you deserve.

My work here is done. I’ll have a brief with the doctor and I hope you get well soon.

Jake: Thanks. //*, and with tears in his eyes*//

Raymond: Don’t thank me. Thank John.

Jake: I’ll pray for him.

Raymond: He’s an Atheist, but he’s a believer.

Just don’t let him down.

The operation was a success. I got Johns’ liver. After 2 months of having Physiotherapy. I could able to move, walk a little much, and for the first time, I could able to hold you. Hold you in my arms; you were sleeping, sleeping peacefully with all the difficulty that you have gone through. After a long time, I was Happy then I remember john saying to open the letter at most Happiness too. So i opened it and it said

“This Moment will PASS.”

I’ve been through the impossible, I lost almost everything, found what and all I was losing and this letter says this moment will also Pass. Why should I have pass through the moments that I felt bliss, whoever wants to pass-through happiness. Why can’t it stay? Then I realized one thing. No one can escape, you have faced the present. You have to face the moment.

Jake: My probability of being alive is on negative side Tim, but i decided to make difference. Many people deserve a second chance. But i made out alive, because someone thought I deserve a fighting second chance, just because i had a child. My wife thought you deserve e a chance because she always believed you even before you were born. If your mom didn’t made that decision we both wouldn’t be alive today. I worked Hard; I’m spending my money to give people a million chances so that they can BELIEVE. Yes, I was hard on you, because you don’t know these things. I don… I don’t want your childhood to be a misery. All I wanted from you is to find yourself happiness. Jus.. Just tell me what I can do to help you.

Tim: I.. I… I’m sorry, Dad. I have a tumor. A tumor near my eyes and brain. I have to take surgery soon otherwise…

Jake: Otherwise….

Tim: I’ll go blind. If the surgery fails. It will be even worse. Dad. I.. I’m Scared.

Jake: It’s Okay. It’s Okay to be scared. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you. I believe in you, you’ll make out fine. I promise… I’ll be there for you.

                                                                                  The End.


                                                                                                                                                        Suparnan Ragavan.

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