Nevertheless (Love).


A dark room, with a sound of a ceiling fan is so audible in that silence, there came a sudden noise of an old man *hiccups*, His wife got up and switched on the light, gave him some water but still he was having hiccups. She asked “why it’s not getting stopped?”. “May be some special person is thinking of me constantly” He kidded. She shied and said “but,I didn’t think of you!”. He said by having right eyebrow up ” I said SPECIAL PERSON dear” . She yelled with that cute possessiveness” Who the hell is that special person?”.


He replied ” May be,god! “. She asked “What!!?, Why he has to think of you?. He replied “May be he wants to meet me in heaven or like that”  After a pause for few seconds she said “Oh if it is,then,I’ll take you to him, don’t worry!”. He smirked and kissed her in forehead, both of them eyes were met, and she exclaimed ” By the by your hiccups stopped!!”. He said”Yes! God might have heard your words , and thought of I’m already in heaven only, with you!!”. ” It seems like you pretended like having hiccup to say this pick-up(line) uh?” She teased!, and switched off the light to let the darkness at least make their loving fall asleep that night!! 

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