“I Don’t Want to Wish”!!!


“I did it .I wished him to stop beating the girl and mother forever. I think he is dead because of me”-saying these Shakthi was crying her heart out looking at me.

Two week before…

“I don’t wish. I don’t know how to wish.” She said it again today. Well that’s my close and best friend Shakthi telling the same lines like hundredth time since we met. My name is Shivangi and this story is about my cute friend Shakthi. Our friendship dates back to the first iron age period like around 3000 years ago ,I think .Its hard to keep track of time when you live so long. Oh sorry guys ,I was just kidding.

We are friends since kindergarten and now we are moving on to our pre-college years. In our fourteen years of friendship together ,I never seen her wished for anything ,like nothing. Not for sweets, not for teddy, not for dresses, not for good grades ,not for boyfriend ,nada, nada .It was odd for others but I was able to understand her somehow. We did spend most of our time in her big library going through all heavy books and in her beautiful garden tending to the plants, watering the vegetables, plucking the weeds and many other activities.

Her grandma is a sweet woman who looks so young for her age of 70.”My granddaughter and you meant to be together for a very long time. She will start to wish one day and this world will not be enough for her”, said the old woman to me one day. It was odd but I know odd things happen all the time. We just don’t notice or to busy to give second about that.

It was usual for us to return straight to her home from our school. It was not much of a distance ,so we walked often than cycling. Only few houses were scattered here and there on our way. There was one house which bothered us so much. There was drunken fellow who was well build and looked more like gunda from some south Indian movie .He used to beat his wife blindly in front of their little girl child. My friend Shakthi who never spoke a ill-word about anybody, often swear looking at that drunken waste of shit. Sorry for curse words. Can’t help our self much .Why should boys do all the swearing?. So we did our part of social equality here and there.

It was that fateful birthday, Skathi was unimaginably moody for many reasons .For starter, her grandma was not feeling well. Second, We got some nice backward blessing from our classroom teacher for beating some boys who bullying around .Third, my parents cared to show up to school while I failingly tried to bunk classes with Skathi. I should say Skathi was unwilling to skip but caught is caught for being such a straight girl. So all to sum-up, she was in bad mood and I was trying hard not laugh while apologizing. As for Skathi, it was a bad day for her. I too never thought it would be bad day for another person today.

Seriously should the piece of shit beat the little girl and mother together. I thought the mad pig(of course that drunken gunda ) is going to kill the little girl today. At that moment, for the first time in her life, Skathi wished for the guy to stop beating the girl and the mother forever. The drunken gunda stopped beating and fell to ground. Blood started to pour out of his ears and noses. The women and the child were looking at the fallen mountain of flesh with shock.

Now on the fateful birthday…
I consoled Skathi that nothing is her fault. That the guy suffered brain hemorrhage and taken to hospital. He (most probably) will be paralyzed entirely for rest of his life. But nothing would console this kind-hearten friend of mine. She realized why she was not able to wish till her sixteenth birthday. And that she can wish and the wish have powers to come true .It frightened her.

I too realized something that day. I was capable of finding the arteries in a man’s head and make it burst so he can be paralyzed his entire life. I realized that I have the power bring Skathi’s wishes to life. It made me happy.

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