A girl who became God!!


The girl was seventeen when her parents and seven brothers decided to marry off her to their distant relative’s only son. With all the excitement in the world, she entered into her marriage life. Waiting would not be painful if there is promise of hope. For the young girl, there was neither promise nor hope. On the very first night of marriage, she was asked to sleep alone with a reason of her husband’s illness. She was scared but was assured of his well-being. She was not allowed to see him for another week. A month ran-by, still no show on her husband. All kinds of excuses started to fly on her way which made more worried and suspicious. She started to sneak around the house to find whereabouts of her husband. The house was empty; no servants, no in-laws, no nobody. So she ventured out of the house and found a small hut behind the house. There was mild moaning sound came from the small hut. Suppressing her racy heart and rubbing her sweaty forehead, she walked like a cat on the wall, towards the hut. When she peaked through the opening in the hut, to her utter horror, saw her beloved husband lying naked over another man. With disgust running through her veins, anger boiling her blood and sadness flooding her innocent eyes, she screamed with her pained heart.

Hearing the cry of the girl, her in-laws rushed to the back of the house and saw the girl lying motionless in front of the hut. They saw the girl’s husband hurriedly coming out of the hut with dishevelled hair and dress barely covering his body. On looking into the hut, they found the man hiding in the dark of the room like scared caged animal. They left the man there and took the girl inside the home. The girl was now locked in her room and food was given through the window .For a week, she ate nothing and the foods remained where it was kept. Her eyes started to sunken into abyss and youthful spirit drained away from beautiful face. A soul completely lost of purpose and happiness was hanging in there with her last rays of hope, her brothers. Meanwhile, the in-laws were spreading rumours of her sickness in the village.

When the rumours reached the girl’s brothers, they came running worriedly to her house. They saw their sister bed-ridden and was unconscious. The brothers inquired of her health and sickness to the in-laws. The in-laws convinced the brothers of about their sister’s health and asked them not to worry. When the brothers were ready to leave, the girl woke up and started to scream. She begged their brothers to take her with them and then collapsed again. The in-laws sympathetically convinced the shocked brothers of their sister’s scream caused by the illness. The brothers left worriedly after assured by the in-laws.

After weeks of medication and forced food, the girl started to gain some physical strength but was completely scattered mentally. She waited for her opportunity to escape from the four-walled self-made prison. She packed her dresses and took her marriage saree to leave the house in the dark of night. In the morning, when the servant went for serving food ,found the windows and door locked from inside. The servant called up the in-laws since there was no response from the room inside. When the in-laws broke into the room, they were shocked to see the girl.

The girl hanged herself using her marriage saree. Every trace of life completely drained away from the little girl’s cold body. Her escape was not from the house but was from life of misery. Her last moments were filled with thoughts of betrayal and loneliness. Her soul was trapped in the same room as she was. The series of unfortunate events started to happen to the in-laws. The family members started to fall sick, got into accidents, babies got aborted and so on. The screams of the girl haunted the family. Her footsteps left them sleepless.

After consulting with local priest , the girl’s brothers build a temple for her and started worshiping. Every year on her death date, the families would come together to worship and perform puja with offering to calm her soul’s vengeance. For the girl’s brothers, their sister has become a god which bestows happiness to the good and hell to the sinful. 

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