My long Distant Moon!!


In the middle of the road,
Like a moon landed on the earth!,
Your face was glowing in such darkness next to me,
As you be the light of my darkest times!
Your eyes was playing a mesmerizing show,
In that silence, I heard a concert of melodious music in the background,
As you be the art of my saddest times!
I just held your hands,
We had a walk together,
As you be the best companion of my journey!
“It’s getting late, you have to go now! Everything will be alright” You said.
As your words add the strength in my weakest times!
I touched your glowing face,
And felt like a low budget Neil Armstrong,
Who kept his hand rather than leg in moon! Moved closer and placed my lips on yours,
As you be a precious drop of water in my driest times.
You the moon left the place making a way for me,
Giving the dawn for my new journey without you next to me!
Now , whenever I miss you,
I’ll be waiting at looking at the sky,
Which gives me some high..
When I see the moon,
I will get some hope that we will meet soon!

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