“Happy mother’s day Dad! “

Happy mother’s day dad!! 

It may sound a bit awkward, 

But I say, I have two mothers, in my life.. 

I won’t deny, I do miss her a lot.. 

Yes! I am not made up of skin, blood, and bones, 

I am all about, her sacrifices and the patience she owns(ed)! 

After mom left..

I took care of my own things, 

realized that mom was an angel without wings! 

Those initial days were heating me up with the memories and felt extremely warm, 

Dad, your love was a fresh breeze on behalf of mom! 

Was grappling with each and every day, 

Dad, you took heed of my needs, gave me strength and showed a way! 

Mom, made known the world outside 

Dad, now you, my world, where she lives inside.

6 thoughts on ““Happy mother’s day Dad! “

  1. That sounds intense. Happy MOther’s day to your dad! I am glad that there are awesome people like him!

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