Being a Woman.


When the sun kisses the skyline
And the moon gently waves its goodbye,
She wakes up with tired eye and frizzy hair
To make way for another bright day.
She rushes through her morning ritual,
Little rituals like that eat up her time.
A mother, she is when she packs off her kids
For their at school with books and lunch,
She transforms into a loving wife
As she kisses goodbye to her life partner,
While she rushes to get her own self ready
For yet another challenge, another day at work.
A manager or a subordinate, she is a friend to all,
Seldom breaking the emotional ties
With the people around her.
She may never have enough clothes to wear
In her overstuffed wardrobe,
She can never resist the tears of joy
When simple acts of love and care are portrayed.
She makes everyone’s milestones her own
Seeking joy from very simple things.
At times she is ambitious to prove her worth
Just to make heads turn to look at her
She dons several masks beneath which she lives
For herself and for the people around.
She is an embodiment of love,
The epitome of beauty and grace,
That’s who she is…..
That is being a woman!

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