Narayaneeyam is a very beautiful devotional hymn spread over 100 Cantos or Chapters written by Melpathur Narayana Bhattatiri. It is a marvellous epitome of the Bhagavada Purana. Bhattatiri’s Master was Achyuta Pisharadi, whom he respected and adored.

When Achyuytha Pisharadi fell a victim to Paralysis,  Bhattatiri attended on his great Master and willingly  took upon himself,  the ailment of his Master and became a paralytic patient himself.

As per Thunchattu Ezhuthachan’s ( A great devotee poet of Kerala) advice that he should  “start with fish”, Bhattatiri composed the hymn in the praise of Lord, beginning with the Incarnation  of Lord as Fish(Matsya Avatar). Sitting in Guruvayoor Krishna Temple, Bhattatiri composed ‘Narayaneeyam’, dealing with the Lord’s principal Incarnations and portraying His manifold excellence and creative activities.

He completed Narayaneeyam on 14th December, 1587 (Kollam era 28th of Vrischikam, 763), the hundredth day after he began his compositions. It is said that Lord Krishna appeared before him in the form of Venugopala  Murthy. By then, he had completely recovered from his disease and it is said that he lived up to the unusual age of 106 years.

It is believed that chanting Narayaneeyam regularly will cure many diseases, help one to be mentally and physically healthy and live a long happy life as it is a divine hymn in praise of Lord Guruvayoorapan. A Bird’s eye view of the 1-100 Cantos/Chapters are given in the subsequent blogs:-

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