Kilka Godzin without Love – The Cellular Phone

Hi All,

Pleased to upload this true event which is BASED ON REAL TRIALS in My LIFE.

Hope you enjoy reading this …!!


8 tough hours…One Guy…All alone….in life … without his love ….


“Oh, Dear Phone…

Oh, Beloved Phone…

One Day I miss feeding you … and this is how you punish me by leaving me at a moment when I need you the most… Oh you… cruel phone….

You do not even understand how much I love you… I ignored so many proposals from people to be with you on weekends, even weekdays and at most times, when I had work I disrespected it just to be with you ….all I wanted was more time with you!!!”

Oh, Why Me? Is the only question the guy has in mind…? Wondering how this happened…? Recollecting events of his day…!?!

The one thing which he loved the most has now left him stranded in the middle of the night… a sight he certainly did not envision….

So, here’s how it all went down:

At 4% Battery I do,

“OK Google, can you please Start music and play ‘Gomma Vainko’ by Brodha V”

Google: “Guru, this is what I found on the web for goma vaink”

I click on the YouTube option…phone starts playing Gomma Vainko in YouTube… Notification: Oops battery low… Shutting down in 30 seconds…

The panic it is..

Momentary panic, rush in adrenaline, throwing it aside, my right hands hastily open the zip, my hands touch something solid, hoping to be what it is I pull it out….to my dismay it is not my complete phone charger…….I had the socket but the Type C cable left at home….

Blackness all around me … it felt like I was being pushed forcibly into a pile of cardboards that were being boxed up then thrown into the river (of guilt, because I overslept during the day … DAMN… )

At 21.30 HRS IST, My thoughts are telling me to go home get the cable and then travel back to office but I have loads of work pending and they need to be completed in few hours from now…

How do I go from here?  OLA? Meh. Come on Guru you’re…. better than this. I do not have a phone to book and the ODC is empty with just a few ghosts of my imagination (they’re my buddies btw very scary like an Erratic GSD on the outside but soft like a GOLDEN Retriever, I love them).

Do I use the cabs provided by my office to go and come back, I can’t… would require manager’s approval…? Yes, Indeed.

Lifeless it is

Put in a spot of bother by my own overthinking(typical Aquarius you see), I am sweating now, with anger… kind of a mixed language swearing on my actions during the day and to all those who woke me up at 7.00 AM, 9.30AM and 12.30 PM & ruined my sleep and the day….One can only do so much now…

Well put side my phone, charged my Bluetooth with the available charger, don’t want to kick myself for doing nothing, although I felt doing this was so stupid.

Desperate enough to find a charger, the introvert in me dies for a few minutes, I go out the ODC find few girls running down few stories off each other about their careers etc., ack of the mind I am wondering if they’ll classify me weird but who cares, I  need a charger ASAP…

Narration begins:

The Hero is suddenly pretty chill for a person who was freaked out about sitting the next 7 hours without his mobile, aah, must be women, right, he sees a few young trainees in their night shift having a great time “not working” but chatting away. Woah, he introduces himself to them, they say hi …shake hands… what am I seeing…I can’t believe my eyes… they turn him down by giving him the worst news but say they’ll ask their friends, we all know what that means… “We’re not going to help this weird guy out, are we? NOOOOO!”

He’s asking a manager who seems to enter the next ODC, what courage my man… I like this all guns blazing guy… Oo.. Sad face alert… levels of frustration can be seen in his eyes.

He’s not trying anymore, nerves galore, he’s preparing for accepting the ultimate reality…

He’s going to work and complete his tasks, probably read news about his company and in general. He’s gloomy and not the regular happy go guy who keeps humming lyrics better than the original singer. Anyway, now let’s focus on what he does…

Work it is for the day

He’s murmuring lyrics… oh <3, see I told you singer …. He’s never worked so dedicatedly before…

1 hour’s passed by he’s touching completion to one of the tasks. He’s planning in his head to drink green tea but isn’t convinced between green tea vs ginger tea…

Walks up to the coffee machine & ginger tea it is.

TIC TOC … Another hour. More Work,

TIC TOC … Another hour. More Work…..

I’m worried… Well it’s not like him at all.

So much work and not even once did he flinch or turn his head to check his switched off mobile lying in his bag dead. Literally Lifeless… This scene is so uncomfortable…

He looks happy however, sad inside? Maybe a little bit.

Hero of sorts for us!! He teaches how to adjust at critical incidents and be calm, composed..

Imagine a wheel rotated and the time is now 4.30 AM.. He’s home finally… he sees the charger….tears roll down his eyes (I’m not kidding)

Rushes to connect the charger and wipes his tears off…. Changes in the next 5 minutes…the quickest he’s ever done anything…. 

Guess What….

He is now singing the modified version of See You again (Wiz Khalifa)….

It’s been a long day without you, my friend.. And I’ll tell you all about it when you restart now….
We’ve come a long way from where we began… Oh I’ll tell you all about it when you restart now….

OO god…the lyrics… he’s sleepy but the lyrics on point ….

How could we not talk about phone when phone’s all that i got? Everything I went through you were standing there by my side and today you were with me for nothing…

Tada..I am back

Tada…. Switches on….


A post by a influencer – “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”

Eye rolls and shouts…. GFYN…

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