I’m not a constant.

Sometimes but not at all the time.
Sometimes iam happy in my worse situations,
Sometimes iam so sad even in my fair situations,
Sometimes I talk a lot,
Sometimes I don’t even utter a single word,
Sometimes I mingle with everyone and go crazy,
sometimes I just get distant from people and be alone,
Sometimes I get too sleepy in the morning,
Sometimes I’ll be awake the whole night,
Sometimes I do things to seek people attention towards me,
Sometimes I jus wanna disappear from people without even telling them,
Sometimes I will be cool to take things,
Sometimes I will be so serious for nothing,
Sometimes I will fight very hard,
Sometimes I will quit without even trying,
Sometimes I will show love even to a stranger,
Sometimes I will hate the people who are close,
Sometimes I will be myself,
Sometimes I will not be myself,
Sometimes but not at all the time.


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