Our Personal Finance is Inevitable.

Personal Finance

Our personal finance is a story of our mind and money. It should be about how our protagonist “mind” wins over his girl “money” against all odds and challenges. Our mind behaves as Disney’s Cinderella and money as her glass sandal. Against all her troubles by oppressing aunt and humiliating cousins, Cinderella escapes with her sandal to find her prince charming. In put in Marvel way, our mind plays the role of Iron man or Thanos and flip his finger with infinity gauntlet called “money”. Hence, our personal finance is inevitable.

Money is like the infinity stones which power to the holder to change the reality and win over the worlds. To build our own Stark Tower of finance, we need to have strong foundation laid by open mindset, better money habits and strong character. Mind of successful millionaire looks for abundance and open to changes before anyone. On many occasions, they become the cause for change in the world. Likewise, your money habits definitely decides whether you going to stay poor or come out of it. Poor not in the sense of lacks of roof over head or dress to cover our mortal body but inability to achieve what we set in our mind.

Personal Finance is inevitable:

After laying down the strong foundation by understanding the various personal finance concepts, we move on to our building blocks such as Income, Expenditure, Savings, Insurance and Investments. The building blocks of our financial tower should be thoroughly studied ,tested and then placed in right position at right time. You can go for expert opinions on each block’s design and planning but you are the engineer-in-charge of your tower. Therefore, let us have a quick overview of our blocks and then study it in more detail individually.


The inward flow of cash into our system by means of any sources such as job, business, rent, investments, YouTube channel etc… We are paid for our labour, service and goods produced. It is up-to us to decide the sources of income and mode of service or labour or goods.


The outward flow of cash from our system to fulfill our needs and wants. When our expenditure is aligned with our values ,then we are at right track to our financial independence. We become or remain slave if our expenditures are at crossroads with our values.


”A thousand little drops form a ocean”. This quote summarizes the need for saving to face the unexpected things in the unpredictable future. When we have full awareness about our income and expenditure, planning for saving becomes easier.


Insurance is different from saving and investment. It acts as protective shield for the beneficiaries on demise of the policy holder. In the absence of earning person, the family falls victim  to sudden financial assaults. A clear knowledge on insurance may save our family members from such unforeseen tragedies.


”Never invest in a business you cannot understand”-said the famous investor and one of richest men in the world ,Warren Buffet. Investment is time game and it tests our character like anything we seen in life. People who are attracted towards investment on promise and dreams of high short term returns are the ones end up at bottom or the first to flee when the market starts to crumble.

Building up our Personal financial tower depends on various blocks and weather factors. We need the mindset, character and habits to face the horrible weather that throws difficulties in constructing our tower. In the journey of life and learning, some are ahead us lighting the path and some become the light. Let us light the path for our journey and the people following us.

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