Expenses : Value based and Need based.

Expenses : Value based and Need based.

The primary aim of earning money is to spend it on things we need and want. Our expenses are always Value Based or Need Based. We should be clear on the difference between our needs and our wants. Our needs are the basic and fundamental things required for our daily life like food, cloth and shelter. Need is something without which we can’t survive in this world but you can survive without wants. The fundamental needs have been varying since our ancestors when they moved out of African forests.

Likewise, the basic need of modern man has been changed to food, cloth, shelter, smart-phones and high speed internet connection. Like today’s homes filled with refrigerator , washing machine and air conditioners, Man’s wants fill his minds and homes with all kinds of decorative things which may give him a temporary satisfaction. We can discuss a lot of parallels about our home and our mind. Let us keep that for another time.

Expense : Need Based

Needs are must or to say they are necessary for our survival like food and water. Wants are urges to satisfy our ego or to show off our status like buying a brand new expensive car which we drive once a year. We can survive without that but our mind will play it’s own song if we let it.

Times like now ,corona pandemic around the world have proven that we are not safe as we thought. We forgot the essentials in our life instead chasing the unquenchable wants. Needs can be fulfilled but we can’t fill the want’s stomach with any amount of food. The more we feed the beast ,the more it will ask for.

Knowing and acting on our needs and wants plays very important role in our financial and emotional life. The simple way to curb our wants and focus on our need is to first define our values.

Expense:Value Based

What do we value in our life? Do we value health, relationships, people, society and so on? Defining our values and building needs on those values will improve our mental and financial health. For example, if we value our physical health, we will eat healthy food, exercise and get good sleep.

We will follow healthy diet by buying fresh vegetables and meats. We will avoid eating out often or completely. If we value relationships, we would spend more time and energy on people rather than gadgets .We will develop more deeper and emotional connections with each of our relationships.

We will know each others happiness, heartbreaking sop stories, embarrassing moments, achievements, dark secrets and many other fond memories & dreams. We will feel more empathetic to others problems rather than being an audience or spectator.

Wants creates urges to accumulate more and more things. The sad part of this is that we fall for wants even knowing our values and needs. There is nothing to shame about it for we are humans.

Expenses : Value based and Need based.

We, humans are basically flawed creatures. Add to that, we don’t have hard and thick skin to protect us from cold or hot weathers. We can’t outrun any predator or creatures with slow sprint speed of 44 km/hr compared to cheetah’s 100 km/hr. There are various flaws physically in us but one thing that distinguish from other faster and stronger creatures is our endurance. Our physical and mental endurance are on the top level compared to any other creature living on our green planet.

Our endurance as human and society is being tested now. We all as individuals and society at whole have to prove our species’ endurance to difficulties and come out of it stronger than before.

At ArhaathS, we believe the potential of human capabilities in creating beautiful rather than destructive ones. We urge every reader to pass on the message to his/her friends, families and acquaintance about the need to define our values and how our values shapes us financially and emotionally.

Our expenses are not only about money, it is more about who we are and what our values are. We can discuss more about good and bad expenses in our next coming blogs.

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