Day jobs of Fathers of the World nations!


Part 1

Day jobs are lifelines of many people .They fill our day with some purpose which may or may not serve our own purpose but we tend to attend it on any cause. If we are going to spend our valuable time in a job ,either we have to accept it or excited to do it. The latter is harder to come for many because of the our mind’s restrain and prejudices on the day jobs. Most often we feel that our day jobs don’t fill our heart and wallet. Everything lies in our head: emotions, feelings, dreams, thoughts, reasons and so on. The leaders of the different countries, famous personalities and gurus have used the head of theirs to conquer millions of hearts and brains. In this blog, we look at the Day jobs of Fathers of the World Nations.

“ You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”– Steve Jobs

On reading about day jobs and doing some more research on famous personalities and fathers of nations around the world ,it was interesting to know about their day jobs and how it has molded them or helped them to become the leader they are. These people have changed the course of history and have made their presence & absence felt by millions of people. They have turned their day job into a platform and have launched themselves towards their desired goals. It will definitely motivate you to pursue the things you love the most or want the most in life. Leaving our day jobs, people of our team Arhaaths have come together by passion of life on the whole. We can’t see the future but can definitely learn from past especially from people who travelled before us

Day jobs of Fathers of the World nations.

  1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi ,the father of modern India, was a lawyer and social worker before dedicated himself to India’s freedom struggle. Oppressive colonial ministers ridiculed him for appearance and his method of non-violent protest. Leaving personal flaws and shortcomings, Gandhi was able to unite the entire nation who were divided by caste, color, language and religion. His day job as lawyer helped him to the understand laws of then British-ruled Indian and fight against the unjust ones.

George Washington : One of the founding members of United States of America,George Washington was a surveyor before becoming plantation owner ,commander of American continental army and first president of free America.According to a French general who fought along side George Washington ,iterated that Washington had an unique ability to retain his soldiers from running off amid-st all failures and hardships.Though he lacked military expertise ,he learned from his mistakes from the wars against Native Indian & French and later employed the same strategies to bring victories to continental army against powerful British forces.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah :The father of Pakistan ,as similar to the father of India in profession was a lawyer and practiced law in then Indian province of Bombay.Beside his personal tragedy of being separated and then losing his wife ,his singular focus and belief was on getting his people’s share on the fruits of Indian freedom struggle.His day job has definitely come in handy in ascension to leader of a new nation of millions of people.

Ahmad Shah Abdali or Ahmad Shah Durrani: The Founder of modern Afghanistan(1747) was a treasury officer and cavalry general under the Persian emperor Nadir Shah.Born as Ahmad Shah of Abdali tribe was later named Durrani by Nadir Shah for his bravery and humility to his soldiers.After the death of Nadir Shah,Durrani was able to bring together all the warring tribes under his rule by giving the chieftains enough power to rule their own tribes.His peaceful methods were much different to then normal violent methods.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: The father of Bangladesh ,Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a student of law and political science who fought for democratic rights to his people in the then eastern Pakistan. He made a career in politics with his knowledge on law and empathy towards his people’s economical struggle under the rule of West Pakistan.

Sun Yat-sen (China) :A scholar and medical practitioner whose intolerance to weak Chinese government of Qing dynasty ,made him to start numerous revolutionary attempt to establish alternative governments based on socialism.His wide knowledge on western world and soviet union’s communism distinguished him from other Chinese leaders of his time

To be continued…

On next blog :Fathers of world nations and their day jobs:part-2: 7.Russia 8.Greece 9.Japan 10.Korea 11.Singapore 12.South Africa

Snapshot of future article on “Contemporary leaders and their day jobs”.

Most of the fathers of the different nations are men of laws .They certainly understood the importance of law governing the people and land.Comparing the fathers of each nations with today’s contemporary leaders,it is harder to believe how leaders of an nation is being chosen by us. American people have chosen a born businessman who made riches from his father’s real estate and hotel business.Indian people really believe in humble beginning to extraordinary heights like the Prime minister who was a tea vendor (evidence is yet to clarified).An ex-cricketer turned politician ruling one of military influenced democratic country Pakistan.Russia is ruled by ex-KGB (once popular Russian secret service) agent.

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