Choice of Income Source- Passion, Commission & Omission.


Money is one of the all-time pursuits of man. He needs it to fulfill his wants, needs and dreams. To help himself and others, he/she needs money. Earning money is being simplified and sold to many by few. But most crash course ultimately crashes too soon. To have steady flow of money, that income sources has to build with time and skills. Personal finance is about what you do with your money in hand. You work a job, run a business, rent your home, invest in stocks and influence in Instagram to create wealth. Then why it is hard for some to earn money? The problems is we want money fast pace like a click or touch away.


Let’s talk about different sources of income. First and foremost is work. Work has different names and descriptions. A career is a lifetime progression of paid occupation. Occupation is usually a paid job. A job can be either being work or an activity for which you are paid. The word ‘Work’ is more general term used to define any activity in or out of an official setup (office).Choose your work, job, profession, career and occupation out of your choice. I will use the words interchangeably, so please pardon me. As my mathematician friend used to tell, people take a work out of three options: Passion, commission and omission. You either get into career or profession out of passion of things, people or ideas. Your work or job gets more impact which consciously or subconsciously affects people’s psychic. Suppose you are choosing a profession of medicine out of passion, you are bound to do some serious lifesaving stuff. You love your profession and yourself while doing the thing you like.


By choosing commission, you tend to make it a chore you have to do to earn a living. The work will be harder than a career chosen by passion. Work chosen by out of commission will bring you material wealth but fulfilling your inner mind will be long haul. Sales executive live by commission but doesn’t mean passion should not take a seat there. You may love yourself but hate your job. Mixing your passion with commission can be harder or even impossible but find a way to mix it to have a fulfilling life. You will be happier when you overcome a challenge rather than not having any challenge or problem.


People choose a work out of omission. You are an engineering graduates working as a teacher in high school not out of passion but out of omission. You feel like you don’t have any options and take whatever comes in your way. There is no passion or commission in the start. It will harder than the above two: profession out of passion or job out of commission. You may hate your job and yourself in this juncture. There are possibilities for you to change the job out of omission into a job of passion and commission.


Your source of income should most probably be your source of happiness. When people divide the source, then it becomes harder to maintain balance between the sources. Material wealth such as money is not a curse but a blessing as many thing in life. Believe that money is not the end but a means to an end or a beginning. Money is a milestone in human history and also in our life too. Keep it as a milestone to mark your life’s journey but not as a purpose of your life. Earn it as much as you can and live your life to your fullest or maybe half or maybe quarter.

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