Movies that mesmerized us!!

In the pandemic, the one thing that keeps us going is movies. All of us love movies, though the genre varies. We have compiled a list of movies that mesmerized us with the story, screenplay and of course acting.

Movie Name :The Shawshank Redemption (1994):


A spectacular story&screenplay from “IT” horror writer Stephen King and brilliant acting performance from Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman ,has made this movie a memorable one in Hollywood history. The movie depicts a man’s iron-hard persistence and patience to break free of his unjust imprisonment.

Lines to treasure: “Hope is a good thing. Maybe best of things. And like any good thing ,it never dies.” – Andy Dufresne

Director:Frank Darabont (Green Mile,The Mist,The Walking Death,A nightmare on Elm street)
Story & Screenplay: Stephen king (The author of books DarkTower series,IT,Shinning,The Mist,Carrie.)
Cast:Tim Robbins
Morgan freeman

Movie Name : The Goodwill Hunting


A genius overcoming his inner demons with a help of a persistent psychologist and a caring mathematics professor. I was surprised when I saw the screenplay writer’s name , the “Bourne Ultimatum” actor Matt Damon and the “Argos” director/actor Ben Affleck. The Jumanji actor and great comedian Robin Williams has played a dynamic role as caring and grieving psychologist who helps the arrogant genius protagonist.

Line to treasure: “ You will have bad times, but it will wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”-Sean

Director:Gus Van Sant (Elephant,My Own Private Idaho,Don’t worry He won’t get far on foot)
Screenplay:Matt Damon,Ben Affleck
Cast:Robin Williams,Matt Damon,Ben Affleck

Movie Name : Forrest Gump


Tom Hanks is unquestionably one of the most versatile actors of Hollywood. Forrest Hump is one beautiful jewel in his crown of cinematic achievements. This story of slow-witted boy becoming successful in life and getting involved in many historic events of America.

Lines to treasure: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”-Forrest Gump’s mother.

Director :Robert Zemeckis (Back to Future movie series,Cast Away,Contact)
Screenplay :Eric Roth (A Star is Born,Munich,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)
Cast : Tom Hanks,Robin Wright,Gary Sinise

Movie Name : The Pursuit of Happiness


In life you face loads of situations where you feel like you don’t have a say in it but watching this movie of Will Smith,I come to believe we have a definite say in all those situations.The movie has done justice to the book of same name written by Chris Gardner ,the protagonist in real life.

Lines to treasure: “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. Protect your dream and go for it”-Chris Gardner

Director :Gabriele Muccino (Golden Castle,The Last Kiss,Remember Me,Kiss Me Again)
Screenplay :Steven Conrad (The Secret life of Walter Mitty,The Weather Man,Patriot)
Cast :Will Smith,Jaden Smith,Thandie Newton

Movie Name : Life of Pi


It was fascinating to watch a survival movie with such a beautiful visual and philosophical insights. This movie adaptation of the novel of same name written by Yann martel.The performance of Irfan khan as elder Pi was remarkable. Listening to his words at the end of the movie ,made me cry for a very long time.

Lines to treasure: “At the end, whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But always hurts most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”-Elder Pi

Director :Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,Hulk,Brokeback Mountain,Gemini Man)
Screenplay :Yann Martel(Beatrice and Virgil,The High moutains of Portugal,Self)
:David Magee(Finding Neverland,Mary Poppins Returns,The Chronicles of Naria:The Silver Chair)
Cast :Irfan Khan,Suraj Sharma,Tabu

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