To Sushant,

In 2018, when I was going through my Instagram randomly, I saw a few posts which contained some really outrageous goals to achieve. It turned out to be your posts with a heading – “My 50 Dreams”. As I started going through each one of those goals, I was awe-struck by the way you approached life. I also started preparing a list of my own but I’m just not as gutsy as you to announce it loud. Then I started going through your achievements on Google. When I started it, I was lying down on my bed. By the time I finished it, I was standing straight with my eyes wide open and my hands closing my mouth. All I could say is HATS-OFF. From an outsider in Bollywood to a show-stealer on screen, you are an inspiration to all new comers in cinema field. From an Engineering dropout to a Stanford Scholarship, you are an inspiration to all the students and learners with aspirations. From a middle-class background to a fighter and then an achiever, you are an inspiration to this whole generation.  All I want to say, is Thank you. Thank you for being yourself and glowing so bright that it was a ray of sunshine in many people’s life.

Those Instagram posts which Sushant posted in 2018.

50 things

Sushant Singh Rajput’s My 50 Dreams:

  1. Learn how to fly a plane
  2. Train for IRONMAN Triathlon
  3. Play a cricket match Left-handed.
  4. Learn Morse Code
  5. Help kids learn more about Space
  6. Play Tennis with a Champion
  7. Do a 4-Clap Push up.
  8. Chart trajectories of Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn for a week.
  9. Dive in a Blue hole.
  10. Perform a Double-Slit Experiment.
  11. Plant 1000 trees.
  12. Spend an evening at my Delhi College of Engineering hostel.
  13. Help send 100 kids for workshops in ISRO/NASA.
  14. Meditate in Kailash
  15. Play POKER with a Champion
  16. Write your first book
  17. Visit CERN
  18. Paint Aurora Borealis
  19. Attend another NASA Workshop
  20. 6 pack abs in 6 weeks
  21. Swim in Cenotes.
  22. Teach coding to visually impaired.
  23. Spend a week in Vegas.
  24. Understand Vedic Astrology
  26. Visit LIGO
  27. Raise 4 horses
  28. Learn at least 10 dance forms
  29. Work for Free education
  30. Explore Andromeda with a powerful telescope
  31. Learn Kriya Yoga
  32. Visit Antarctica
  33. Help train women in Self defence
  34. Do an active Volcano Photography
  35. Learn how to farm
  36. Teach dance to children
  37. Be an ambidextrous archer
  38. Finish reading the entire Resnick-Halliday physics book.
  39. Understand Polynesian astronomy
  40. Learn guitar Chords of favourite 50 songs.
  41. Play chess with a champion
  42. Own a Lamborghini.
  43. Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.
  44. Perform experiments of cymatics.
  45. Help prepare students for Indian Défense Forces.
  46. Make a Documentary on Swami Vivekananda.
  47. Learn to Surf.
  48. Work in Artificial intelligence and exponential technology.
  49. Learn Capoeira
  50. Travel through Europe by TRAIN.
Miss You

Note : Pictures have been taken from various sources for representation purpose.


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