Why should you read “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson?

who moved my cheese

Why should you read “Who Moved My Cheese”? This small 92 page book by Dr Spencer Johnson is one of the rare books which incorporate profound wisdom of life in those limited pages. I read this book nearly five years ago and liked the story very much. But never analyzed the book with my own life. Recently I read an article regarding best business books of 20th century and came across this book .I was genuinely surprised because I thought the book as self-help motivational book. So I read the book again and started to analyse the similarity between the story and my life.

I believe the same questions may arise to most of the readers of this book. Which one of the four character am I? Am I Sniffy who sniffs the change around me faster? Or Am I Scurry who takes action as soon as he senses the change? Am I Haw who was late to change but realizing later to take action? Or Am I Hem who don’t want to change and want only his old cheese? What is my cheese in life? Is there change happening to my cheese?. Am I resisting to change around me?. These are some of the questions that came to my mind when I finished the book.

If you ask me “Why should you I read this book?” Well this book will definitely make you ponder over the life choices you have made in the past and the choices you are making now.

Why should you read “Who Moved My Cheese”?

If I want to chronologically order the ideas from the book, then I would do the following.

  • Identify the character that relates to you more.
    • Well there are four characters in the stories: Two Mice (Sniffy & Scurry) and Two little people (Hem & Haw).
  • Identify the cheese.
    • Cheese is what I want in life like love, success, fame, money and so on.
  • Understand the Maze.
    • Maze can be home, office, business, society and so on.
  • Find the people with four characters in different mazes.
    • Four characters exist in all types of mazes.
  • Tell people the story or recommend the book to read.
    • Sharing is good for you and others.

Change can be difficult but facing with the right mind-set may help you to overcome the hard part of the changes. In most cases of resistance to changes occur because of the fear of unknown. Fear can be good when it moves you to action rather to inaction. Think simple and do it. Complicating things maybe human nature but so is simplifying things.

         Hem was the only character that was left behind while the change swept away the station C. The author, Dr Spenser Johnson, have explained the fate of Hem in his next book “Out of the Maze”. These two books may not take much of your time but it will be worth of your time.

Out of the maze

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